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In this noisy city, home living space expresses another yearning and pursuit for modern life, perhaps fresh and natural; Calm and atmospheric; Maybe it's gorgeous and noble. Of course, different design styles give people different visual feelings and create a calm and atmospheric environment for the whole room space

Jiade sliding door/hanging door color: Jiade yellow

process: decorative flowers

use the warm tone of Jiade yellow as the sliding door of the living room, inject a warm and natural style, deal with the overall lines with modern methods, add Chinese elements, and create an elegant, natural and tasteful living space through exquisite layout

Jiade sliding door/hanging door color: fluorocarbon gold

process: lattice bar

the simple fluorocarbon Gold Tone decorative home creates a simple, elegant and quiet comfort, and can better show a peaceful artistic conception, with a strong natural style in harmonious nature

Jiade sliding door/hanging door color: Jiade apple wood

process: decorative flowers

warm color Jiade apple wood looks warm and beautiful for the sliding door, which always makes us feel that life is so gorgeous and comfortable, and we can hold a good life every day in the environment here

Jiade sliding door/hanging door color: Fraxinus mandshurica

process: dark flowers

naturally follow the fashion and trend without too much decoration. Indifferent simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life

Jiade sliding door/hanging door color: Jiade teak

process: lattice bar

unique style personality, there is a natural feeling that can't be separated. What it presents is a sliding door that is close to the beauty of nature and primitive ecology, which advocates nature but has a luxurious atmosphere

product description

profile: material thickness 1.2 (GB) profile design adopts European standard hardware notch

handle lock: connect multiple lock points to achieve good anti-theft effect

pulley: the door leaf is equipped with an anti swing, anti sway and anti derailment device, which makes the pushing and pulling process light and noise free, and can be flexibly equipped with hollow tempered glass, hollow inner grid, hollow shutter and other multi-functional glass solutions

tempered glass: hollow tempered glass can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, has good sound insulation effect, and can prevent the transmission of heat, moisture and frost

sealant strip: Double EPDM strips, using the principle of pressure balance to achieve dry sealing

product function: Jiade sliding door/hanging door has excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, earthquake and typhoon resistance, safety and sealing performance

product usage: suitable for garden doors, entry doors, large balcony doors, kitchen doors, living room doors of high-end residences, villas, etc. The material is guaranteed for more than 20 years




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