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It is understood that with the advocacy and promotion of local government departments, hardbound houses have gradually occupied the leading position of real estate development projects in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities. Data show that the proportion of hardbound houses in Guangzhou has reached 70% of the proportion of residential houses sold, and the proportion of hardbound houses in high-end buildings in Beijing has also accounted for more than half. Facts have proved that it is the general trend to cancel rough houses and promote hardbound houses, and the era of fine decoration has come. Phenomenon: the personal decoration business has shrunk. At present, the supply of fine decoration buildings in Guangzhou market has increased significantly, which will divert the personal business market of home decoration companies. The impact of this on the home decoration industry is mainly due to its weak resistance. The rapid development speed in previous years is mainly due to the rapid growth of the real estate market. With the introduction of hardbound houses, home decoration companies as a service industry will face great external challenges. The hardbound houses will certainly affect the pattern of the home decoration market to a certain extent: that is, the existing people will decorate by themselves, The transition to fine decoration by developers, and then sold to home buyers in the form of finished products. From the perspective of the total market volume, the shrinkage of the total market will directly affect the survival space of the company, especially the smaller the resistance ability of small companies. The reason is that developers choose finished housing fine decoration enterprises, and the ones with strong strength and experience should be the first. At that time, the concentration of home decoration enterprises will increase significantly, and a large number of small home decoration companies may go bankrupt. Insiders believe that some home decoration companies cannot be excluded from becoming part of the business of developers. Countermeasures personality style has become a competitive weapon. Although fine decoration saves the decoration time and energy of the owners to a great extent, and takes into account the benefits and environmental protection, in the market, fine decoration is still in the & 8220; Mass production of a sample &8221; At this stage, the popularization of style and too single is a problem faced by fine decoration. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that some owners will choose secondary decoration or late decoration. In this regard, Zhou Hongning, design director of Guangzhou Samsung decoration design center, told reporters: &8220; Refined decoration is mainly based on simple decoration style. More follow-up work such as furniture and accessories still needs to be completed by the owner himself or by the professional strength of the home decoration company. For a simple example, if the owner likes a simple European style room, he can retain the basic decoration link, but he can build an ideal new house by packaging in the aspects of porch building, wallpaper packaging, ornament placement, furniture purchase, etc&# 8221; Refined decoration is mostly aimed at young consumer groups, which have their own innovative ideas and have very high requirements for personalization, and the unified style can not fully meet the aesthetic orientation of the owners, so the workload of style change in the later stage will be relatively large. In this regard, home decoration companies will begin to seek new profit growth points, such as opening up the market of accessory designers. In addition, powerful enterprises can also create personalized, diversified and fashionable accessory home experience halls to maximize customer demand, so as to cope with the impact of hardbound renovation on the home decoration market





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