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Now. The marketing mode of aluminum alloy doors and windows market is similar, such as participating in exhibitions, finding celebrity endorsements, network promotion, etc. Then whether the doors and windows sell well depends not only on the brand, quality and sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows

now. The marketing mode of aluminum alloy doors and windows market is similar, such as participating in exhibitions, finding celebrity endorsements, network promotion, etc. Whether the doors and windows sell well depends not only on the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors of aluminum alloy doors and windows. More important is the marketing skills of marketers. Generally speaking, salespeople with stronger ability can increase the charm of products, arouse customers' potential interest, and further stimulate customers' desire to buy. So what are the experiences in the marketing process of aluminum alloy doors and windows

dry goods 1: the status of door and window salesperson is very critical

the general practice is to promote the image of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows through advertising and marketing, and various activities, exhibitions and promotional activities to drive popularity. Of course, the most critical is the mental outlook and personal ability of the salesperson who directly represents the brand image! In particular, the confidence and words of high-end door and window price marketing are particularly important to marketing

dry goods 2: three depths of marketing

key points 1: the brand popularity of doors and windows should be wide, which can attract extensive attention and discussion of media users

point 2: the brand reputation of doors and windows is good, and the services and products are outstanding and attractive. We believe that people with strong purchasing power have great demand and are eager to buy

key point 3: the target population is stratified marketing, and the customers are diverse. Each customer's consumption ability and grade taste are different. High end aluminum alloy doors and windows may be more suitable for a few rich people. The fewer people who can afford it, the more face the people who can afford it

dry goods 3: culture should talk to the rich

people who are not short of money generally buy high-end high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, so how to carry out marketing? What topics should be used to arouse customers' interest? A lot of wealth, not necessarily taste. So we should know how to talk about culture with the rich. Men can start with economic investment, car eating, drinking, beauty and even tourism! Women can talk about beauty, shopping, luxury goods, fun, eating and drinking, and even handsome guys! Here, aluminum alloy doors and windows are required to join the marketing staff with a wide range of interests, experience and knowledge

dry goods 4: face is very important

why does the logo of Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Nissan become larger after they enter the Chinese market? The big car logo can better highlight the brand. For some grades of cars, Chinese people will feel more dignified. Therefore, high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows should give customers face. Intelligent aluminum alloy doors and windows are certainly more competitive than ordinary doors and windows

1. The specialty store is decorated tall and the image of the clerk is good

2. In store service should be considerate

3. Learn to praise customers' taste and vision

4. Tell him which door and window brands and products are the first choice for rich people

dry goods 5: the franchise agent channel of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be carefully managed

blindly throw advertising and promotional activities, and shoot mosquitoes with cannons. We should strengthen the fine management of media channels. These questions are important: what kind of customers will buy? How to make precise marketing and let customers receive our product information? How to invite customers to the store to see products? What are the main factors that make customers buy? Price? Goods? How to construct appropriate marketing scripts? How to strengthen customers' purchase desire

dry goods 6: rich people also have different grades

there are three kinds of rich people: 1 Rich but lacking connotation, with glittering gold necklaces and rings, it's like this, so poor that only money is left. Most of them are upstarts. 2. Money doesn't understand connotation. Don't know famous brands, follow the trend of famous brands. Camouflage has taste, but the connotation of words and deeds is not enough, and vanity is strong. 3. Rich and low-key, low-key and temperament. Words and deeds reveal noble temperament, polite and knowledgeable. Understand taste but not make public. Real rich people

dry goods 7: what do you talk about with rich people

don't talk about the marketing of high-end smart doors and windows all the time. Good products can be seen. Rich people don't lack money. Deception is not the way, so there is no need to spend more words

the rich in China only care about three problems: 1 How to make wealth more? 2. How to keep yourself and your family healthy? 3. How to educate the next generation? Marketing, of course, should suit the case

dry goods 8: talk about the price with cultural people

high end intelligent aluminum alloy doors and windows, often hold many activities, such as opening activities, annual meetings, etc., and celebrities are required to attend. The purpose of inviting these people is to talk about life culture with customers. Only by discussing the price with them can we reduce the cost

dry goods 9 Good reputation is really good

for aluminum alloy doors and windows brands and smart doors and windows that take the high-end route, the spread of customers' reputation is very critical! 90% of the sales customers are probably introduced by regular customers. So good reputation will really be better

the following notes: 1 Make good products. 2. The display and service of the store should be high and the customer experience should be good. 3. Advertising marketing should create a good brand image of doors and windows 4 Instead of spending money on advertising, it's better to spend money on maintaining and investing in old customers! Regular customers can also create profits for a long time





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