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Changing the concept and materials secretly is tricky. There are many mysterious mechanisms for the overall cabinet, and the eyes are golden. At present, in the face of a wide variety of cabinets with fine division, consumers who need services most are increasingly unable to start. Furniture cities and cabinet dealerships are more luxurious, salespeople are more enthusiastic, and prices are higher. Simple and practical kitchen cabinets use words such as "piano paint", "BMW paint" and "imported with original packaging", which are difficult for ordinary wage earners to accept. Material trap

"many consumers look at the cabinet, in fact, they look at the cabinet door." An industry insider said that most consumers choose cabinets. When they open their mouth, they want "crystal board", "paint board" or "solid wood board", which is the cabinet door. "The door panel is important, but the box panel is more important." At present, paint door panels are widely used in the cabinet market. The paint baking board is characterized by bright color, easy modeling, good waterproof performance, stain resistance and scratch resistance, but the price is also high

compared with door panels, box panels that are not valued by consumers are actually more important. The box board bears the functions of waterproof, mildew proof and load-bearing, but because it is hidden in the door board, it is generally not valued by consumers. Some dealers often offer the so-called "preferential price" and "preferential price" with high-priced door panels and low-priced box panels. In fact, these low-quality box panels often get soaked and moldy in a short time, and it is the consumers who suffer

besides the door panel, the table top is the most versatile. Table brands on the market are mixed, and concepts can be played everywhere. Take the most popular "acrylic" artificial stone countertops as an example. You can buy them from 500 yuan/meter to more than 3000 yuan/meter. Insiders said that cheap artificial stones are best not to buy. Most of them are made of inferior resin plus calcium carbonate. The smoothness and wear resistance are not good. Some products even contain substances harmful to human body, so you must understand the content of "acrylic" in buying "artificial stone" countertops

steal the concept

when selling their products, cabinet dealers try their best to boast about their products. At present, the most popular "deceptive language" in the cabinet market is "from foreign design concepts". "Idea", an invisible thing, not only makes consumers stunned, but also improves the product taste

some manufacturers use a "fire board" in the selection of door panel materials. After understanding, we learned that the fire-proof board itself can't completely prevent fire, but it has good fire resistance performance and has the effect of flame retardation to a certain extent, and the effect can't last for a few minutes. Similarly, the "waterproof board" is only slightly moisture-proof. The seller's "naming" of the door panel material undoubtedly exaggerates the material function

there are many authentication patterns

the environmental protection inspection certificates provided by some cabinet merchants are mostly the inspection reports of local plates, or the environmental protection product recommendation certificates issued by an association or an institution. In general, there are many kinds of certification, but there is basically no unified certification by authoritative departments. Industry insiders said that in the face of a large number of bright bronze medals hanging on the wall, consumers would not "be more serious"

according to insiders, at present, although cabinet enterprises have played the environmental protection brand one after another, few have really been recognized by authoritative departments, and there are many enterprises in the market who deceive consumers with "false environmental protection". It is understood that at present, the environmental protection certification of cabinet products in the market, only the "China environmental label product certification" certified by the environmental certification center of the State Environmental Protection Administration, which is often referred to as the "ten ring certification" is the more authoritative green mark at present. The products approved to use this mark not only require qualified quality, but also meet specific environmental protection requirements in the process of production, use and treatment. Compared with similar products, they have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm and resource conservation

installation hidden mystery

it is reported that first-line cabinet brands often provide a full set of design and installation services. The business will send staff to measure the relevant dimensions on site, and ask professional designers to design. Generally, it can be installed on site in about one month. After the cabinet is installed, the consumer should carry out corresponding inspections, such as: whether the surface of the cabinet is scratched, bruised, cracked, etc., whether the overall installation position is changed, whether the cabinet, countertop and hanging cabinet are inclined after the combination, whether there is a gap at the junction of the panel and cabinet body, whether there is leakage at the drainage pipe and sink, etc. During the acceptance, it should be carefully checked against the contract and design drawings to avoid unclear explanation of problems found in the future





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