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[abs/ps] the upstream and downstream markets are weak, and the market is affected and weakened.

I. brief introduction to the market

abs market is weak, and the external quotation has declined. Traders' shipments are positive, while some downstream buyers hold a wait-and-see attitude. Therefore, there is great resistance to market transactions and the trading atmosphere is relatively general. Traders in the PS floor are pessimistic about the future market, and bears occupy the mainstream. Downstream end enterprises mainly use and purchase at the same time. At present, the latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of imported ABS is yuan/ton

II. Brief introduction to upstream markets

the results of the general elections in France and Greece last weekend made market participants worry that the slowdown in economic growth will lead to a decline in energy demand. NYMEX June crude oil futures contract closed down by US $0.55 and settled at US $97.94 per barrel

on Monday, Asia styrene FOB Korea closed at USD/T and CFR China closed at USD/T. affected by the sharp drop in oil prices, they fell sharply by USD 24 and 27/T respectively

III. local market conditions

today, the abs/ps market offer continues to decline, the buyer's intention to receive orders is light, and the actual orders are limited from import to production

Dongguan ABS market price fell by yuan/ton. In the morning, the inquiry atmosphere was light, and the influence of the loading method of Jinan gold testing spring experimental machine on the experimental results could not be ignored. The goods were not delivered smoothly, and the prices of some futures were low, but the transactions were insufficient. Downstream buyers are bearish on the market and are mostly lazy in purchasing

the ABS market in Ningbo continued to decline, with a decline of yuan/ton. Due to the lack of confidence, the middlemen put more shipments first, and there is still some room for negotiation for the firm offer. The transaction atmosphere is weak. There are many factories in the middle and lower reaches, and the operating rate is not high

the offer of Shantou PS market continued to decline, with a range of yuan/ton. Aiskai quoted 118 yuan/ton; The price of modified benzene is 127 yuan/ton, and that of 128G is 12750 yuan/ton. There is a shortage of goods. Fangxing reported 635 yuan/ton, and Hongkong Petrochemical reported 1841h yuan/ton. The above quotation does not include tax

the offer in Ningbo PS market is loose, with a range of about yuan/ton. The active inquiry atmosphere in the market is weak, the merchants are in a strong wait-and-see mood, and the actual transaction is limited. Downstream end enterprises are still mainly on demand

IV. the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

the listing price of CNPC East China ABS fell by 200 yuan/ton compared with yesterday's pricing, with 0215a reporting 15600 yuan/ton and 750A reporting 15600 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is not high

the listing price of Sinopec South China ABS is stable, with 275/275a reporting 14500 yuan/ton, 275b reporting 14500 yuan/ton, 8391/8434 reporting 15800 yuan/ton, and 8391b reporting 15800 yuan/ton

there are eight production lines in Jiangsu Leiden PS plant, of which five are in normal operation, and two benzene conversion lines are in operation, with low inventory. Benzene 525 was reduced by 200 yuan to 11600 yuan/ton, and benzene 688 was reduced by 100 yuan to 13200 yuan/ton

the sales of PetroChina Huadong PS is average and the inventory is not large. The listing price today is reduced by 200 yuan/ton compared with yesterday's pricing. The benzene penetrating gpps-500 is reported at 11350 yuan/ton, and the benzene HIE is reported at 13000 yuan/ton

2. As of 15:00 p.m. in the quotation of the mall,

some brands of China Plastics' spot ABS have fallen by yuan/ton

among them, 0215a/Jilin Petrochemical lowest reported at 15850 yuan/ton (down 150), 275/Huajin Chemical lowest reported at 13950 yuan/ton (down 50), 750A (SQ)/Daqing Petrochemical lowest reported at 15800 yuan/ton (down 200), dg-417/Tianjin Dagu lowest reported at 15500 yuan/ton (down 50), hi-12 can not produce excessive vibration 1h/lg Yongxing lowest reported at 15650 yuan/ton (down 50)

as of 15:00, some GPPS brands in China Plastics Co., Ltd. were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton, of which 525/Jiangsu Leiden was at least 11600 yuan/ton (down 50), gpps-123/Shanghai Secco was at least 12000 yuan/ton (up 200), and pg-33/Zhenjiang Qimei was at least 11950 yuan/ton (down 50)

v. future forecast

at present, downstream plastic processing enterprises often do not rashly hoard raw materials under the condition of insufficient orders, and mainly adopt the buy as you use strategy. According to rough statistics, the export orders of plastic products such as packaging films, pipes and profiles in the Canton Fair this year dropped by nearly 40% compared with last year, and the external demand dropped significantly. In the case of declining internal and external demand, it is more difficult to improve the adjustment trend. It is expected that the short-term market will turn sluggish, and the narrow consolidation trend may continue

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