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On the evening of June 29, Beijing time, blue jeans network, a video conference service provider, announced on Wednesday that it had completed a new round of financing and raised $23.5 million from accel partners, new enterprise associates, North venture partners and other venture capital companies, according to techcrunch, a US technology blog

it is reported that blue jeans has effectively integrated Cisco, Polycom, lifesize and other conference technologies with consumer platforms such as Skype and Google talk. As long as you can use Skype services and have a desktop or mobile device that supports video, workers and travelers who are far away can use traditional devices to hold video conferences with colleagues

each blue jeans user has its own proprietary "conference room" in the company's cloud, which can be used to arrange, hold and manage meetings. Participants can participate in the video conference by dialing or clicking the system link. The blue jeans visual pull range of 10n-500n is sufficient. The advantage of the service is that it does not need to purchase new devices or download relevant software, as long as it can be connected to and has devices that support video

blue jeans video conferencing service has been tested since it was launched in early 2011. Significant progress has been made since mid April. At present, 500 enterprises are using it to serve 1000 cities in 100 countries with low response speed. 15000 people participated in the test. The total length of video conferences held is more than 500000 minutes

blue jeans' customers vary in size and come from various industries and regions. Current customers include Facebook, partners healthcare, Heidrick, struggles, Internet2 and binyou, which have become the leading and backbone enterprises in the industry. Xifani is in the Wharton School of Central Asia University in daily life. Blue jeans also announced a cooperation agreement with Deutsche Telekom a few days ago. Sina Technology

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