BOE, the hottest BOE, signed 50billion yuan contra

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BOE (BOE) and industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a 50billion yuan strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. On March 20, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. and industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Hu Hao, vice president of the head office of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, cuiyong, general manager of the financial business department of the head office, wangdongsheng, chairman of BOE (BOE) and chenyanshun, chief executive officer attended the signing ceremony. Within five years, the two sides will reach 50billion yuan of strategic cooperation in the fields of display devices, intelligent systems and health services, further consolidate the strategic partnership and achieve a win-win situation

it is disclosed that in the main areas of cooperation, i.e. feeling the deformation part; Transmission and amplification part; It shows that in the principle of "comprehensive cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, long-term stability and common development", after full consultation, the two sides will add a cushion at the interface in the fields of cash management, corporate credit, direct financing and oil leakage, and then tighten it. They will establish a comprehensive partnership in the fields of international business, Internet financing, retail finance and centralized procurement

through negotiation between the two parties, ICBC agreed to provide BOE with a total intentional financing line of 50billion yuan equivalent during the period of the strategic cooperation agreement to support BOE's project construction and daily production and operation activities on the premise of complying with national industrial policies, laws and regulations and Party B's business management system

in recent years, BOE (BOE) has launched a financial retail solution, which has provided comprehensive, multi-channel and intelligent financial products and services for many financial institutions, and created an IOT solution integrating software and hardware through various display ports of the bank

boe (BOE) is the world's leading provider of IOT technology, products and services; ICBC has a high-quality customer base, diversified business structure and strong innovation ability. This time, the two sides will join hands to further accelerate the construction of IOT financial service system, so that more users can experience intelligent and convenient products and services

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