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Pet recycled material bottle making technology

this pet recycled material processing technology has good promotion and application value in practice. At present, spinning is the most widely used recycled PET bottle material in China. Due to the low technical threshold and low investment in the renewable PET fiber industry, many enterprises have entered the industry one after another. Due to fierce competition, they have started work. 1. The inspection rate before the use of the pressure testing machine has dropped from 90% in 2000 to 55% in 2005. Some enterprises have stopped production. Pet for bottles has certain added value. At present, there is a method of mixing recycled bottle chips (about 10%) with new materials in China. However, the application of direct bottle blowing technology using 100% waste bottle materials has not been truly industrialized in China, so it has been paid much attention

the new pet modified masterbatch developed and produced by Beijing noble Nano Technology Co., Ltd. can be used to make bottles from 100% recycled PET. This technology has the characteristics of convenient and simple addition, easy process control and wide market adaptability. When the addition amount is about 3% (weight ratio), it can greatly improve the easy flowing phenomenon of pet during recycling granulation, significantly improve the melt strength and fluidity of pet recycled material, and make the melting granulation process smooth. Using 100% modified recycled PET bottle chips can be made into recycled bottles with high strength and good appearance. The modified bottle fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and can be recycled and reused, such as engineering plastics and other processing and manufacturing raw materials

the modified PET recycled material can be widely used in pesticide bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc., especially suitable for "why not?" Some non food bottles that need barrier. The cost of granulating with the new modified masterbatch is about 600 yuan higher than that of pure recycled materials, and the modified recycled materials (including processing cost of 500 yuan per ton) is about yuan, which is yuan/ton lower than that of new materials, so there is a large profit space. With an annual output of 1000 tons of pet waste recycling and granulation, 500 square meters of workshop, 1million yuan of equipment and technology investment and 500000 yuan of working capital are required. The production process has no pollution to the environment

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