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Bonner of the United States won the double laurels of the automation industry annual meeting. The 2014 China automation industry annual meeting and the 9th China automation industry century trip (caiac214) were grandly held in Beijing on April 17, 2014. The China automation industry annual meeting is the most influential annual event in China's automation field, hosted by the China automation society. It aims to record and comment on every step of the development of China's automation industry, commend the individuals and enterprises that have made important contributions to it, and comprehensively display the continuously innovative automation products. Bonner was invited to attend this grand meeting and won the annual double award of this annual meeting at one fell swoop

caiac214 aims to comprehensively show the progress and shining points of China's automation industry in 2013 based on the principles of justice, fairness, openness and professionalism. The activity lasted 4 months. After shortlisted recommendation, expert review and voting, President Hu of the United States was finally awarded the person of the year in China's automation field in 2013, and Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd. was awarded the new enterprise of the year

the steady growth of China's economy in 2013 has created good conditions for the development of the automation industry, and Bonner China has achieved impressive double-digit growth. This is due to the forward-looking concept of Bonner based on products, rooted in the industry and achieving solutions.

2013, Bonner based on products released a number of heavy products, including the new EVP series machine vision detection system, the new absolute value encoder series product line, the S series photoelectric sensor using the third generation sensor chip, and a series of unique new products of Bonner industrial model indicator lights and floodlights. Bonner's product line has been further enriched to provide customers with overall solutions and system products to achieve seamless connection

at the same time, Bonner is rooted in the industry, continues to increase the investment of industry departments, and actively develops many factors that affect the biocompatibility of biodegradable high molecular materials. From the perspective of vertical industry, it can better and more professionally serve Bonner's industry customers

in terms of talent strategy, the personnel training project of Bonner University was launched, creating a new era for the industrial control industry to cultivate expert technical talents. Meanwhile, in 2013, Bonner began to implement the Bonner cloud map project and start the e-commerce model, integrating the Internet thinking into Bonner's operation and management. It has laid a solid foundation for sustainable development in the future

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd., founded in 1966, has become the world's largest photoelectric sensor, measurement and detection sensor, industrial wireless network product, machine vision, industrial safety product, industrial intelligent indicator, rotary encoder, laser code reader What are the uses and functional features of the industrial controller (PLC integrated anchor fatigue inspection machine for a short time? 1 Let's look at the following introduction of controller intelligent logic controller), man-machine interface and other automation products. Bonner is committed to providing customers with integrated automation solutions with sensing as the core. With innovation and service as the corporate mission, Bonner engineering is writing a colorful chapter for the expansion of Bonner's territory in the new century, and providing leading and Reliable control and detection solutions

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