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The application of mechanical technology in the rubber industry

tire is the largest number one product in the rubber industry. No matter from the use of rubber raw materials and the production of rubber products, it occupies most of the market share of rubber products and consumes about 80% of rubber resources. Therefore, tire forming machinery is also very important. Since the invention of pneumatic tires in 1888, with the development of the automotive industry, a large number of rubber tires of various specifications and performances have emerged. A high-performance, high-quality car, if there is no corresponding performance and quality tire support, is equal to scrap iron. The development of tire industry and the participation of tire forming machinery are also crucial. Whether it's inner tube or outer tube, they all need a certain molding machine mold to shape. In particular, the formation of the outer tire is the core process in the tire production process, and it is the assembly process of various "parts" of the outer tire, that is, the combination and fitting of various components such as cord fabric, steel ring, wrapping fabric, tread and so on to form the tire embryo. Therefore, tire forming machinery determines the performance and quality of tires to a great extent. With the progress and development of human society, economy and culture, a large number of various vehicles have emerged. Therefore, tires of various types and specifications have also emerged in endlessly. Such as cars, passenger cars, trucks, engineering vehicles and other special vehicles and aircraft, all have their own special tire varieties and specifications. In recent years, steel wire frame radial tires with high strength and high wear resistance have appeared, which has made the structural performance and quality of automobile tires to a new level. All these constantly put forward higher requirements for tire forming machinery

there are many types of tire forming machines, which can be divided into two types according to the forming method: sleeve method and layer sticking method; According to the contour of the forming drum, there are four types: drum type, half drum type, core wheel type and half core load and deformation automatic calibration wheel type. In addition, all other rubber products with different shapes and uses basically have a molding process. Therefore, all kinds of rubber products forming machines and tools are more diverse and dazzling. There are tens of thousands of kinds of sealing rings alone. It can be seen that the molding machinery of the rubber industry is also very complicated and extremely important

vulcanizing machine is the processing machine of the last process of various rubber products, which is mainly used for vulcanization processing of various rubber products, tapes, rubber plates and other products. Its main structure has three forms: one is flat vulcanizing machine, the other is vulcanizing tank (including hydraulic vulcanizing tank) and drum vulcanizing machine in printing and other industries. The flat curing press has a wide range of applications and many kinds. In addition to being directly used for the vulcanization processing of rubber products, it can also be used for the pressing processing of thermosetting plastics or thermoplastic plastics in the plastic industry. Because their working principle and body structure are basically the same. There are many kinds and forms. According to the purpose, there are generally rubber model products flat curing press, flat belt flat curing press, triangle belt flat curing press, rubber plate flat curing press, etc. Vulcanization tank is one of the earliest vulcanization equipment used in the production of rubber products. It is mainly used for vulcanization of rubber products. Vulcanizing tank can also be used to vulcanize sole, adhesive tape and model products, etc. so it is called "universal" vulcanizing machine. Drum vulcanizers, including "flat belt" and "triangle belt", are mainly used to vulcanize thin rubber plate and belt products with special requirements for surface shape and surface quality, such as embossed rubber plate, printing rubber plate and printing and dyeing guide belt. If equipped with necessary accessories, it can also be used for vulcanizing transportation belts, transmission belts and other similar rubber products. The drum vulcanizer can vulcanize continuously, which is easy to realize automation and form a flow production line. It greatly reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency and product quality

for the development of rubber industry, mechanical technology and process research determine its development speed and level, and determine the performance and quality of products. Generally speaking, the cycle change frequency of industry and product technology research is faster, while the cycle change frequency of mechanical technology is slower, which determines the service life, work efficiency and product quality of machinery and equipment. Just because the machine and equipment have a clear service life, it has a certain running inertia, which gives people a direct feeling that it is not easy to change or does not need to change quickly. This is also one of the main reasons why many people in real society, even some scientific research departments, only attach great importance to the innovation and change of process technology and ignore the progress and development of mechanical technology. People's concept and consciousness determine the change and development of behavior. The production of any material product first originates from the objective demand for the production practice of the real society

for the development of the rubber industry, not only the normal production process of rubber products, but also the in-depth research and coordinated development of mechanical technology and process technology are increasingly needed. The competitive situation of the modern commodity market can no longer allow people to wait and see or delay the opportunity. Moreover, in addition to the increasingly rich material and cultural means of life of human beings, which requires the rapid development of the rubber industry, a large number of waste rubber products are piled up, It is also urgent for people to face and deal with it effectively. This is not only the need to save rubber resources, but also the requirement of the living environment of insurance companies. In order to solve the problems of the normal development of the rubber industry and the recycling of waste rubber resources, only the coordinated development of mechanical technology and process technology remains to be explored to achieve the goal. With the development of contemporary rubber industry, the recycling of waste rubber resources must take the road of joint development of machine improvement and chemical progress. It is the only correct way. The improvement of machinery is one of the essential work of mechanical technology, and the progress of chemistry is the core content of process technology. Their joint development is the internal driving force for the rapid, efficient and optimized development of modern rubber industry. Of course, it also includes the decision-making and organizational factors of scientific management technology

the four basic technologies of machinery, physics, chemistry (or chemical engineering) and biology constitute the natural science and technology system of human social development, which is called the hard science and technology system, while the social management technology is the soft science and technology system. The two are combined. Become a relatively complete scientific and technological system. The development of rubber industry is also related to the industrial economic structure form of the combination of rubber industry technology and industrial scientific management technology, which is a scientific measure to reflect the "hard and soft" development of rubber industry. Mechanical technology belongs to hard attribute technology. Process technology belongs to soft attribute technology, which is a technical form of "both hard and soft"

in mechanical technology, there are also soft and hard attribute technologies. All work that belongs to investigation, research and design technology methods is soft attribute technology; All technologies related to construction and manufacturing belong to hard attribute technology. The achievements of soft technology in the early stage are mainly reflected in the design and construction drawings and instructions: the hard technical achievements in the later stage are concentrated in the output of various material products. This is also an objective process of transforming the achievements of soft and hard technology. The development of rubber industry must pay attention to the coordinated development of mechanical technology and process technology. Strengthening the role of rubber mechanical technology and paying attention to the development and application of mechanical technology are not only the needs of the whole society to develop the production of material and cultural products, but also the needs of the harmonious development of human ecological environment, but also the needs of cherishing, skillfully using and thriftily using rubber to detect the bending performance and behavior of hot-rolled ribbed bar raw materials and welding points

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