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Application of MC nylon in agricultural machinery

MC nylon is the abbreviation of monomer cast nylon. Its products have excellent physical and chemical properties, wide range of products, large input-output ratio, and obvious technical and economic benefits. MC nylon is also one of the five engineering plastic products vigorously advocated in China. Our regiment started from 11 Before the purchase of the machine, technical equipment was introduced in 1993. Up to now, there are mature process schemes for the modification of products, the stability control of physical and chemical properties of products and the manufacturing of products with complex shapes, which greatly expand the practical application range of products. TPV production technology is monopolized by a few developed countries

1. Properties of MC nylon

mc nylon products are high molecular weight organic compounds, with a molecular weight of 35000-70000, which is twice as high as ordinary nylon (20000-30000). Therefore, various physical and mechanical properties are higher than ordinary nylon, which are highlighted in the following aspects

(1) physical properties. MC nylon has less water absorption than ordinary nylon, which is about 0.9%, while ordinary nylon is about 1.9%, so it has good dimensional stability

(2) mechanical properties. The hardness of MC nylon is higher than that of general thermoplastics. The Brinell hardness is about 21kg/cm2, the tensile strength is more than 900kg/cm2, and the bending strength, compressive strength and impact resistance are higher than most thermoplastics. The rigidity of MC nylon is also outstanding, and the tensile strength modulus can reach 3.6 × 104kg/cm2, bending modulus of elasticity can be 1 Before the Jinan assay experiment, the strike energy requirements reached 4.2 × 104kg/cm2 (at room temperature). It has good friction and wear performance, and has better self-lubricating performance compared with copper and bauxite alloy on the testing machine. During dry friction, the friction coefficient is stable. Under the load of 4.6kg/cm2, the thermal deformation temperature of MC nylon is 150 ℃ ~190 ℃, and the heat resistance of Massey is about 55 ℃, which exceeds most engineering plastics

2. Application of products

from the physical characteristics of MC nylon, it can be seen that MC nylon, as a kind of special engineering plastic, can be used in many harsh working environments, especially mining machinery and agricultural machinery. In the application of agricultural machinery, the engineering plastic products factory of our regiment has developed more than 50 products in three major categories, mainly including shaft sleeves, elastic damping blocks of couplings and sealing rings. The leading products are chain tractor trolleys and wear-resistant shaft sleeves on various agricultural machinery. In particular, all kinds of vulnerable parts and couplings on combine harvesters, mt5-c plum blossom elastomers used on Xinjiang-2 harvesters, long-life damping blocks in all kinds of water pump couplings, etc. Sealing ring products include various oil cylinder sealing rings and dust boots, large water pump sealing rings, etc. In the manufacturing process, the products used in different working environments are modified, such as shaft sleeve products. Through modification, the self-lubricating performance and wear resistance are increased, the service life is greatly improved, and the maintenance cost and maintenance time are saved for users. For shock absorbing block products, we should focus on improving their toughness and impact resistance, which can maintain high stability and long service life in harsh working environment. It is worth mentioning that the use of MC nylon products can simplify the structure of machine parts under certain conditions of use. For example, various tensioning wheels on agricultural machinery can save bearings and directly sleeve the nylon tensioning wheels onto the shaft for operation, greatly reducing manufacturing costs and maintenance costs

mc Ni keep away from furnaces and other heating bodies. The production process is simple and easy to master. General regimental workshops can produce them, and as long as a simple mold is used, large mechanical parts can be cast, weighing from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms. According to the production capacity of the equipment, parts of any weight can be made, and most of the plastic forming equipment can be made by themselves, so it has a wide range of promotion and development prospects

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