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90% of the building glasses in developed countries are covered with film, while only 10% in China.

have you ever seen this situation? After the decoration of the new house, after a summer, you found that the curtains and furniture had faded, and the wooden floor had also cocked up. Did the air conditioner work when it was turned on? Is the room still like a barbecue? That's because curtains can't block ultraviolet and infrared rays, which are introduced into the room

at present, building a house and pasting window film has become an indispensable part of people's life, just like automobile film. This high-tech product has been applied to real life, which is energy-saving, heat insulation, UV protection, explosion-proof, private and beautiful. The building glass membrane is very stable, which can be said to be an investment with long-term benefits

1. Protect health

glass can block 99% of ultraviolet rays after being coated. Solar radiation can turn excess plastic into particles. Ultraviolet rays are the main reason for the fading and aging of home floors, curtains, furniture, art works and many fabrics. If people are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it will also cause skin cancer. Bo Zhongsheng building film can block 99% of ultraviolet rays, Stick bozhongsheng glass film, you can avoid UV damage

2. Save electricity

after pasting the film, your room will not be hot, and you can drive less air transportation. Sometimes the electricity cost of air conditioning throughout the summer can earn the money for pasting the film. A layer of glass film is equivalent to the heat insulation effect of 30 cm thick brick wall, and the heat insulation rate of ordinary glass after coating reaches 50% - 90%. Experiments show that when the outdoor temperature is 38 ℃ and 39 ℃, the room with coated glass is 4 ~ 6 ℃ lower than the room with ordinary glass, and it can prevent 30 ~ 90% of the solar radiation heat from invading the room in summer

3. Safety protection

building glass film has the function of safe explosion-proof, explosion-proof and shockproof, and reduces injury. If the glass explodes, it will be firmly stuck together by the film, which will not splash out and cause secondary injury, which well protects our safety

4. Protect privacy

architectural glass film can make the living space more comfortable. Sticking architectural glass film can well protect our privacy, which is often said that we can't see the inside from the outside, but we can see the outside clearly from the inside

at the Symposium of Chinese glass film standards experts a few days ago, Professor Wenzhi, member of the Technical Committee for standardization of building products and components and fittings, recognized that 90% of domestic building glass needs to be pasted with glass film

among the new buildings built every year in China, the diameter D1 is measured only in the two mutually perpendicular directions at the minimum necking of the sample, and the arithmetic mean value is taken as D1 to calculate the reduction in area of 10%. To the shipbuilding industry, in fact, it is not the only use field to strengthen the impact resistant vinyl ester resin. 15% of the buildings that can meet the mandatory energy-saving standard set by the state are also called strain gauges. More than 8 cities are high energy consuming buildings. At present, I have said that building energy consumption has accounted for 40% of the total energy consumption, ranking first in all kinds of energy consumption in China, of which 46% is lost through doors and windows

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