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The application of machine vision technology in the printing and packaging industry

machine vision is to replace human eyes with cameras and human brains with computers. The working principle of machine vision for printing and packaging quality inspection is also very simple, using a camera to capture (collect) the image of printed matter, In the plan, "our utilization technology experts not only do project computers in the laboratory with the standard image (template) of the print By comparison, if the difference is found and exceeds the set tolerance range, it is determined that the product is unqualified. How to improve the accuracy of the electronic universal testing machine and what is the protection and maintenance of the testing machine. Of course, the actual machine vision system is much more complex

1. Detection and offline detection

visual detection system can be divided into detection system and offline detection system according to its installed carrier

the detection system is installed on offset press, gravure press, flexographic press, code printer and other printing equipment to detect the printing quality in real time. Prints can be sheet fed or web fed. The visual detection part of the detection system and the offline detection system is basically the same in function. The main difference is that the mechanical electronic experimental machine for metal, non-metal, composite materials and products lies in the treatment method of defective products. When a defect is found, the detection system usually records the location of the defect (length: web paper, number of sheets: single sheet paper), or uses the inkjet printer, labeling machine, marking machine to mark the edge of the paper, and the number detection records the error number or the number of adjacent sheets

offline detection system is usually installed on the inspection machine or rewinder. In addition to the position recording and marking functions of the detection system, the inspection machine usually has the function of warehouse division, and the good and bad products are automatically allocated to different warehouses according to the detection results

2. Quality analysis, tracking and management

using detection equipment for quality detection can provide real-time alarm and detailed and perfect analysis report of the whole detection process. The on-site operator can adjust the problems in the work according to the real-time alarm and analysis report of the full-automatic detection equipment. Managers can track the production process according to the analysis report of the test results, which is more conducive to the management of production technology. Because the high-quality testing equipment required by customers is not only to detect the good and bad of printed matter, but also to have the ability of post analysis. What some quality testing equipment can do can not only improve the qualified rate of finished products, but also help manufacturers improve their process flow, establish a quality management system, and achieve a long-term stable quality standard

3. What can machine vision bring us?

obviously, although China is already a printing power, China is not a printing power. To go global, we should not only adopt advanced printing equipment and testing equipment, but also improve the management level. Management is productivity. We need efficiency from management and cost from management. Of course, all these should be guaranteed on the premise of the same quality and service. Installing an automated visual inspection system requires a certain amount of investment in the early stage. However, the advantages of the inspection system in quality inspection will bring long-term benefits to enterprises in terms of quality and labor costs

the application of visual quality inspection in the printing and packaging industry can be in the pre press, printing process and post press, but at present, most applications focus on post press quality inspection. There are tens of thousands of printing enterprises in China, and few of them really use the detection system, mainly in the packaging industry, except for special industries such as banknote printing and ticket printing. The packaging industry has high requirements for printing and special requirements for quality and color. Packaging and printing plants must have unique capacity advantages, technical advantages and quality advantages in order to meet customers' requirements for printing volume, cycle and quality. The emergence of tobacco printing enterprises that provide printing services specifically for the tobacco industry is an example

to promote machine vision inspection, we must first make printing and packaging enterprises know more about machine vision. Where to install it, how to install it, how to achieve the best effect, and what specific benefits it can bring, all of which need to be popularized and publicized constantly. Practitioners in the printing and packaging industry should put forward their specific needs, learn and master the concept and operation of machine vision detection; Practitioners in the machine vision industry should understand the printing process, production process, operation mode and quality. According to the different requirements and standards of automobile OEMs, only the close combination of the two can there be an automatic visual inspection system that truly conforms to China's national conditions, and can the purpose of improving quality, efficiency and cost reduction be achieved

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