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The application of machine vision system in automobile and tobacco industry

machine vision started in the 1980s. So far, from the perspective of technological development, it has experienced about three development stages. The first stage is the color difference sensor stage; The second stage is the stage of various video cards; The third stage is the coexistence of embedded vision system and video card. According to the development of these years, the next few years are an important stage of visual development, and embedded systems will also play an increasingly important role

at present, the total volume of the global visual market is about 6-7 billion US dollars, mainly concentrated in Europe, America and Japan, and about 100-200 million US dollars in China. According to China's GDP growth rate of 8%, of which the share of industrial growth is 20% - 30%. According to conservative estimates, the visual growth rate should not be less than 10% - 15%

first, let's understand the definition of machine vision and machine vision system. As the name suggests, machine vision is to use machines instead of human eyes to make measurements and judgments. Machine vision system refers to converting the target to be detected into digital signals through machine vision products (i.e. image pickup device, divided into CMOS and CCD), and these digital signals are then transmitted to the special image processing system (divided into embedded and video card methods). The image processing system sets the detection task according to the task requirements to be detected. Then, according to the discrimination results, control the on-site equipment action, said Chen Bo, R & D Manager of Ningbo nengzhiguang New Material Technology Co., Ltd

the characteristic of machine vision system is to improve the product quality and the automation of production line. Especially in some dangerous working environments that are not suitable for manual operation or where human eyes are difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; At the same time, in the process of mass industrial production, the efficiency of using artificial vision to check the product quality is low and the accuracy is not high. Using machine vision detection method can greatly improve the production efficiency and the degree of automation of production. And machine vision is easy to realize information integration, which is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing

Siemens machine vision system is an embedded vision system, which is divided into VS100 series and vs700 series. VS100 series is a special vision product, and SIMATIC vs 100 series vision system is used for specific image processing tasks. SIMATIC vs 110 is used for contour detection, SIMATIC vs 120 target search and search, and SIMATIC vs 130 QR code detection. Sensors are configured through "teaching" rather than programming, so special image processing knowledge is not required and the price is low

simatic vs 700 series general vision system is mainly used for quality inspection and quality control in the production process. This general-purpose system can complete all functions such as image acquisition, image processing, load driving and communication (via PROFIBUS or industrial Ethernet) through programming - it is very suitable for completing many test tasks in a test cycle. It is precisely because machine vision system can quickly obtain a large amount of information, and it is easy to process automatically, and it is also easy to integrate with design information and processing control information. Therefore, in the process of modern automatic production, people widely use machine vision system in the fields of working condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control. In China, this application is also gradually being recognized, and the most direct response is that the domestic demand for machine vision will be increasing

the application of Siemens vision system in the tobacco industry

the tobacco industry is a large industry in China. Every year, just a few MV can create a lot of tax and employment opportunities for the government. Yunnan is the most important province in China's tobacco industry. There are many large tobacco enterprises in the province, such as Qujing tobacco factory, Yuxi tobacco factory, Honghe tobacco factory, etc. The management of these enterprises attach great importance to the quality of products, and they are willing to choose the best automation equipment to improve the quality of their products. The cigarette machine is one of the most complex machines in the field of automation, and the production speed of cigarettes is very fast. For example, the production speed of soft wrapping wire is 360 packages/minute. Because the production speed is very fast and the packaging of the product is very soft, there are many unqualified products in the production process. It is very important to find and eliminate the nonconforming products in time, otherwise the nonconforming products will flow to the next process, be packaged and boxed, and flow into the market. For unqualified products, although it does not affect the use, it will reduce user satisfaction and weaken brand value and product reputation, all of which are absolutely undesirable to the management. For cigarette packaging detection, there are mainly the following three categories:

■ soft package detection

■ hard package detection

■ box detection

because the outer package of soft packages is relatively soft and easy to deform, it is the most difficult to detect soft packages. For soft bags, one of the main problems is surface damage. The detection mainly includes trademark printing (whether it is missed, whether the direction is correct, and whether the position is correct); Top floret (whether there is missing print, whether the direction is correct, and whether the position is correct); Internal packaging at the top and bottom 10. Drop hammer impact testing machine, when the hammer body impacts the sample, the quality, the relevant position detection of the inner packaging and outer packaging, etc

because the speed of the production line is very fast (6 packets/second) and the detection task is very complex and urgent, it is impossible to find and eliminate unqualified products manually on the production line

the current detection method is manual sampling. That is, it cannot be detected in practice. As a result, a lot of unqualified products flow into the market, but the management cannot control or know the specific quantity

for high-speed applications, machine vision is the only solution. We provide Siemens' new generation machine vision vs720 series

the system uses an intelligent visual sensor to replace human eyes to complete detection tasks and logical operations. The visual sensor captures images within 0.4 milliseconds and sends them to the internal processor. After the processor is digitized, the machine vision system can evaluate its color, surface and size. According to the calculation results, through the external interface signal, we can realize the automatic detection and elimination of cigarette packs

with the machine vision system, we can achieve:

■ reduce the turnover cost of products

it will take several years ■ shorten the downtime of the machine

■ improve the product quality

for cigarette bag detection, we use two visual sensors to capture the images of the front, rear, left, right and top of the cigarette bag respectively, and then use positioning analysis "soft

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