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Standard for appearance, specification and size of medical glass infusion bottles (Draft) (I)

normal> letter on publishing the appearance, specification and size of medical glass infusion bottles (Draft)


normal> all relevant units:

in accordance with the standard development working procedures of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, after extensive consultation with all units, The formulation of the standard "appearance, specifications and dimensions of pharmaceutical glass infusion bottles" (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as "the standard") of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association has been completed. Now it is issued and recommended that all member units apply this standard. All units are requested to carry out trial verification in accordance with this standard. If you have any comments or suggestions during the verification process, please contact the Secretariat of the association. After half a year, with the consent of all relevant units, this draft will be officially released. See the annex for the contents of the draft

manufacturers are welcome to contact the association frequently to discuss production and application

January 20, 2006

normal align=center> appearance and specifications of medicinal glass infusion bottles; selection of 3-position steering valve lattice size for hydraulic cylinder

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appearance and specification size of medicinal glass infusion bottles

1, scope

this standard specifies the specification and size of glass infusion bottles. It is suitable for disposable borosilicate glass infusion bottles, low borosilicate glass infusion bottles and sodium calcium glass infusion bottles. Other items of medicinal glass infusion bottles shall comply with the corresponding YBB standards

2. Normative references

the terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard through the reference of this standard. All amendments (excluding the contents of Corrigendum) or revisions of the referenced documents of this standard, which can be stored in text with the experimental data, are not applicable to this standard. The parties who have reached an agreement according to this part are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used

ybb sodium calcium glass infusion bottle

3. Size and mark

the specification and size of medicinal glass infusion bottle are divided into type a bottle and type C bottle. It shall meet the requirements of Figure 1, table 1, figure 2 and table 2 respectively

3.1 type a drugs, including more than 50 kinds of glass infusion bottles for new chemical materials, appearance and specification dimensions

normal align=center> Table 1 specification dimensions of type a bottles

normal> unit mm

normal align=center> main specification dimensions

normal align=center> specification

normal align=center>ml

normal align=center> marking capacity ml

normal align=center> full height h 1

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