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Drainage measures of the main drainage pump room

the main drainage pump room in panel 3 is located in 107 units of 12 coal auxiliary transportation roadway, and the capacity of the main water tank is 5000m ⊃;, The capacity of auxiliary water tank is 3000m ⊃;, There are five DN300 drainage pipes, but one of them goes to the goaf of face 01, two are forced drainage on the ground (Erlin rabbit forced drainage pipeline), and the other two are discharged to the ground sewage treatment plant, equipped with five mda-450 centrifugal pumps produced by Shanghai one pump, with a head of 300 meters. The total drainage capacity reaches 1800m ⊃/h。

main drainage pump equipment parameters:

3 After the failure of the underground power supply system, the reason must be clarified, the failure point must be taken care of, and the power can be transmitted only after the failure is eliminated. It is forbidden to forcibly transmit power or lose the protection

4. All kinds of cables must be hung neatly, and it is strictly forbidden to put them everywhere or pile them around the water level

5. The rotating part of the water pump shall be equipped with a shield. It is strictly forbidden to put any tools and accessories on the pump body when the water pump is running. The vibration falling into the rotating part will damage the main shaft of the water pump

6. It is strictly forbidden to wash the water pump motor with water. The surface of the equipment shall be kept clean

7. The power cut-off and transmission shall be carried out in strict accordance with the first off system

8. Regularly overhaul and maintain the underground main drainage pump, motor, pipeline, switch, etc

9. Regularly carry out hidden danger investigation activities for underground main drainage equipment and various electrical equipment, and take safety measures in time if hidden dangers are found

2. The main drainage pump workers should stick to their posts, carefully observe the changes of water level, water quality and water volume, and have the ability of independent research and development to prevent the increase of water inflow from causing emergencies and flooding electrical equipment

3. Before starting, check whether the bolts at all parts of the water pump and motor are loose and complete

4. Before starting, check whether the water pump bearing is lack of oil, whether the protective cover is firmly installed, and whether the packing is appropriate

5. The main drainage pump operator shall not operate for a long time without filling water or closing the outlet valve. If the vacuum cannot meet the requirements, it is strictly forbidden to start the drainage pump

6. Each shift must make records of the drainage, pump operation, water level change and drainage destination of the shift

7. The driver of the main drainage pump must be familiar with the structure, performance, technical characteristics and action principle of the drainage equipment, and be able to use, maintain and eliminate general faults

tensile testing machine

8 Strictly implement the shift handover system and operating procedures, and carefully handover and clarify the existing problems

9. The driver shall stop the operation of the equipment immediately in case of major accident and dangerous situation, and report it to the personnel on duty quickly in three types of energy: high, medium and low

10. After taking over the shift, the driver shall not do anything irrelevant to the operating procedures

5. When the concentration of toxic and harmful gases in your location increases due to the accident, which may endanger the life safety of personnel, you must wear self rescuers in a timely and correct manner, and strictly prohibit personnel who do not wear self rescuers from entering the disaster area to work or retreating through the suffocation area. When retreating, different countermeasures should be taken according to the disaster and the actual situation of the site

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