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Biological polyurethane company draths will sell its subsidiary

renewable polymer company draths said on October 20 that the company plans to transfer its company in Michigan. At present, the company has signed a confidentiality agreement to temporarily speed up the formulation of unit clinker emission limit standards, and the name of the acquirer cannot be published

dreams executives said that the company would close its 30000 square foot factory in Delhi, Michigan, and lay off 40 workers. At the same time, Mr. DEX brown, a senior executive of the company, would also leave. The rest of the company's business will be moved to Lansing headquarters

he said that this acquisition can better integrate technology development and commercialization into the utilization of the company's resources, and make the company's products reach commercial scale as soon as possible

draths was founded in December 2005 by Graeme Herlihy of Engel. At present, its main business is to develop bio based purified terephthalic acid, polyurethane, caprolactam, adipic acid, nylon 66 and other bio based products. In terms of bio based purified terephthalic acid, the company uses synthetic biology and fermentation process to establish bio based PTA module for various physiological reasons. The company plans to invest in the construction of a pilot PTA plant with an annual output of 1 ton in 2012, establish a 10 ton demonstration plant in 2013 and 2014, and complete the construction of a 100 ton commercial chemical plant by 2015

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