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The drafting of food packaging and printing standards was brewing

a strange smell was found in the potato chips that children like to eat. After the inspection of the quality supervision department, it was found that the potato chips were OK, but it was the problem of the packaging bag. The benzene content of the printing ink on the packaging bag exceeded three times the allowable amount of the national standard. This was a quality incident that occurred in a potato chip factory in 1471 a few days ago. A few days ago, I interviewed the Secretary of the national ink Standardization Technical Committee, long Anguo, on this issue. He told me that printing ink was one of the key factors in the hygienic quality problems of food packaging bags (boxes)

in order to quickly print thick ink on the plastic film used for food packaging, enterprises need to add a mixed solvent to the ink to dilute and promote drying when producing packaging bags. Toluene and butanone are the basic ingredients for mixing solvents. Welcome to discuss the introduction of the battery extrusion experimental machine of Jinan new era gold assay instrument Co., Ltd. When mixing mixed solvents, due to the low price of toluene, the finished products can be reduced when used in production

it is understood that at present, the national ink Standardization Technical Committee has reported to the relevant national departments and is preparing to draft two mandatory standards to regulate the residue limit of solvent ink in food packaging

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