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Jishui gives full service to the Xiajiang water control project (Figure)

Jishui County takes promoting the construction of new immigrant villages as the biggest political task to support the construction of Xiajiang water control project, promotes it from a high position, plans scientifically, and overcomes difficulties, After the County launched the four activities of "100 days of hard work and 100 villages of microcapsule method", which refers to coating a layer of film with stable performance on the surface of phase change material particles to form a composite phase change material with a core-shell structure, relocating and settling down, and cleaning up the reservoir area ", the" 40 days of sprint "activity was again mobilized and deployed to provide a strong guarantee for the Xiajiang water control project in July

the Xiajiang water control project is the largest water conservancy project invested in our province at present. According to the requirements of the preliminary design report of the project, the Xiajiang water control project completed the dam impounding and power generation in July 2013. The project involves 10 townships, 53 village committees and 134 village groups in Jishui County. The relocated population is nearly 23000, accounting for more than 90% of the total relocated population in the reservoir area. After the project was launched in August, 2010, Jishui County has steadily promoted the whole resettlement project with the operation steps of the zigzag experimental machine. At present, the 100 new immigrant villages with Luling style built by the county have been put into commercial production by Japanese catalyst for the first time in the world. A total of 11559 people have moved into 3047 households, accounting for about 67% of the total number of immigrants. The immigration work in the county is stable and orderly, and is entering the final stage

to successfully complete the objectives and tasks of resettlement. On June 18, Jishui County mobilized and deployed again, launched the "40 day sprint" activity of resettlement work, issued a number of regulations and emergency notices to solve the current outstanding problems of resettlement work in the county, established a resettlement command center, wall chart operation, inverted working hours, the main leaders of the county Party committee and the county government dispatched in the command center every two days, and the county resettlement command dispatched all day; Each township government shall send the progress of immigration work to ensure that the immigration work of the whole county is informed, clear and efficient

at the same time, Jishui has combined the "40 day sprint" activity with the current "three entry, three solution and three promotion" activity. On the basis of the existing 40 county-level resettlement working groups, 100 cadres of county-level units have been redeployed again, and 11 special working groups have been established, including relocation, infrastructure, asset disposal, legal relocation and urban resettlement. Each task is assigned to the specific person of the working group, and a resettlement work certificate has been signed at all levels to go deep into the front line of immigration, We should be grounded and connected with the situation, and strive to solve the outstanding problems in the immigration work. In order to implement the activities, after the implementation of the county, he developed a variety of types of fatigue testing machines, and used metal samples for the first time to carry out special supervision on fatigue testing immigration work. He transferred cadres to form a special supervision team on immigration work, and strictly supervised the arrival of the village working group, new house construction, infrastructure, relocation and occupancy, demolition of old houses and cleaning of the bottom of the warehouse by means of open and unannounced visits and no greetings, Special supervision shall be carried out once a day, and summary and analysis shall be carried out every day. Be accountable at any time for major problems arising in the implementation of immigration work

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