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Fujian: the transportation investment will be 85billion in 2017

today, the video conference on transportation work in Fujian Province was held. The author learned that in 2017, Fujian plans to complete an investment of 85billion yuan in roads and waterways to continue to promote the modernization of transportation

the expressway plans to invest 29billion yuan, namely 209 kilometers of five projects such as the Nanping connecting line and the Xiamen Changsha expressway, which will be opened to traffic at 7:1.5:1.5, 715 kilometers of 22 projects such as the southeast section of Fuzhou Ring Road, the expansion project of Zhangzhou Tianbao Longyan Jiaoyang of Xiamen Chengdu line, and 395 kilometers of 11 projects such as the newly started Ningde Shacheng Bay sea crossing project, Longyan East connecting line, Puyan Youxi Zhongxian jianninglixin section

the planned investment for ordinary roads is 41billion yuan. The completion of the Zhangpu section of national highway g228 and the China Africa cooperation of provincial highway S21 is not only beneficial to the respective development of 20 projects, such as the 3 Nan'an Meishan to provincial new section, but also 280 kilometers of national and provincial highways of class II and above; Vigorously implement rural tourism roads, resource roads and industrial roads, create "four good rural roads", and newly rebuild 1500 kilometers of rural roads

the planned investment of the water transportation project is 10billion yuan. The new construction of Gu 2. The leather washer or spring of the friction plate is worn: the leather washer or spring thunder channel needs to be replaced. The third phase project of the Minjiang Shuikou Shaxikou channel regulation project and other eight projects have reduced many processing and post-treatment work orders, and five projects such as the 3# berth project of Houshi port area of Xiamen port, the loading berth of Meizhou Bay Coal Wharf of SDIC and the second phase I project have been completed, The handling capacity of new coastal ports increased by about 20million tons

the transportation hub and other plans to invest 5billion yuan to achieve full coverage of secondary passenger stations in counties and regional logistics nodes in districts and cities. The highway passenger transport hub will continue to build 15 projects such as Zhangzhou South passenger transport station and Longyan integrated passenger transport hub, and 4 projects such as Quanzhou integrated transport hub and Changting passenger transport station; The highway freight hub will continue to build 23 projects, including Fuzhou Huawei highway port logistics park phase II and Jinjiang land port phase II, and 3 projects, including Putian Xinghua Bay Port Logistics Park Phase I and Longyan highway port

in addition, Fujian will take Putian Nanri Island, ningdeyushan island and Pingtan Yutou island as pilots to promote targeted poverty alleviation through Island transportation. Select 10 counties (cities, districts) in the province as a pilot to build a number of excellent urban public transport lines, excellent rural passenger transport lines and Township Comprehensive Transportation Service stations with demonstration effect

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