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Fujian light machinery successfully shipped 350t "PD drum pulper system to India

release date: (4) anti corrosion effect 0 source: Fujian light machinery

Fujian light machinery successfully shipped 350tpd drum pulper system to India. Including this kind of liquid crystal polymer fiber, the chain board machine, paper homogenizing roller, drum pulper and control system are produced by the measurement system of kololi Co., Ltd. in Japan. It is used for continuous shredding and coarse screening of waste paper raw materials under high concentration. Low energy consumption, drum hydraulic pulp machine only consumes 15~20kw/h of electric energy per ton of pulp

drum hydraulic pulper used in waste paper deinking production line can reduce the consumption of chemicals. The production capacity of single machine is large, which can save a lot of operating costs and reduce production costs for paper enterprises. Better slurry quality can be obtained

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