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Analysis of the five characteristics of network marketing

marketing has become an unavoidable business proposition. It is not only a new technology or means, but also a choice that affects the future survival and long-term goals of enterprises. Marketing on the Internet is an information-based process that takes the Internet as the marketing environment, transmits marketing information, and communicates the needs of manufacturers and consumers. Based on the research on the application of marketing in American enterprises, the author puts forward the hierarchical view of enterprise marketing, and tries to help Chinese enterprises gradually enter and improve the network marketing environment on the premise of conforming to the reality of China and combining with the traditional business model

according to the division of enterprises' understanding of the role of Internet and their application capabilities, the author believes that marketing in enterprises can be divided into five levels. The following discusses the characteristics of each level and its implementation conditions

level 1 enterprise publicity

this is the most basic application of marketing. It is a marketing activity based on the understanding of Internet as a new information communication media

the establishment of enterprise stations is the premise of enterprise publicity. Internet enables enterprises to have a media that belongs to them and faces the majority of superior audiences, and the formation of this media is efficient and low-cost, which is a feature of its surpassing traditional media; The enterprise station information is customized by the enterprise, without the time, layout and other restrictions of traditional media, and can also be updated in real time with the progress and development of the enterprise; Enterprise stations can use multimedia means such as virtual reality to attract audiences and communicate with visitors in both directions, so as to transmit and obtain relevant information in a timely and effective manner. These are all important factors to attract publicity on enterprises and make them shift from internal or regional publicity to external and international information exchange

the key of media publicity is whether it is noticed and impressed by the audience. Compared with traditional media, the vast amount of information on the Internet is likely to make enterprise stations a spray. At present, more than 400000 enterprises have set up their own stations on the Internet, and all kinds of stations are still being created in a race against time. Therefore, how to let people know about enterprise stations and let them stay has become a difficult problem in online publicity

although enterprises can leave link addresses in ISPs or address search tools to help upperclassmen enter, or attract attention in novel media forms, in order to truly achieve long-term publicity effects, they must return to the real economic world, form characteristics in the real world, and create a reputation acceptable to consumers. Only in this way can they give full play to the power of networks and achieve the goal of expanding market influence with the help of network publicity

Enterprise publicity is the start and foundation of network marketing, and it is also the basic goal of most Chinese enterprises at present. However, going online is not an easy task. Only by establishing a website and constantly updating and adding information can the website have vitality. Otherwise, an old face like that in traditional media advertisements will only become a corner forgotten by the superiors

Market Research on Level 2

investigating market information to find out the trend of consumer demand, so as to provide a basis for enterprise market segmentation, is an important content for enterprises to carry out marketing

network is first of all an information field, which provides a convenient place for enterprises to carry out market research. The software industry has made full use of this. For example, various software beta versions and shared versions have been released on the website for the upper users to download and use; Through the guestbook, e? Mail and other means to collect software usage information, so as to provide a strong basis for determining software performance and market objects. This invisible research process is efficient and low-cost, and can also play a role in expanding the popularity of stations and enterprises. Generally, there are two ways for enterprises to carry out market research activities:

① carry out research with the help of ISP or professional network market research company stations

this is an effective choice for those enterprises that are not well-known in the market and do not attract much attention

the enterprise formulates the research content and research method, puts the research information into the selected station, and can obtain the research data and progress information in real time at the client's station, rather than just obtaining the final research report, which is quite different from the traditional entrusted market research method

there are many people on these sites, which expands the survey area, and the market research ability of professional market research companies will also improve the research effect. The drawback of this method is that due to the variety of contents of these stations, the attraction of enterprise market research to the superiors may be reduced. At the same time, if the superiors want to communicate with the enterprises, they must re link to the enterprise stations, thus increasing the operation, which may be unwilling by the superiors

② enterprises conduct market research on their own stations

as for well-known enterprises, the frequent customers of their stations are mostly those who are interested in the enterprise or have a certain relationship with the enterprise business. They have a certain understanding of the enterprise (which is also convenient to understand directly on the station), which will help visitors provide more accurate and effective information, It also provides convenience for the timely two-way communication in the research process. The hardness testing of stainless steel should consider its mechanical properties

As a new market research method, market research has been paid attention to by some domestic enterprises. Some network service enterprises have carried out a series of market research, but how to attract the upperclassman to participate in the research and actively cooperate in the surrounded by a large amount of information still needs to be explored

Although e-commerce is developing rapidly, its share is still very small compared with traditional marketing channels. The traditional distribution channels of enterprises are still valuable resources for enterprises, but the efficient and timely two-way communication function of mutual contact does provide a powerful platform for strengthening the contact between enterprises and their distributors

enterprises build virtual private networks through the Internet, integrate the interior of distribution channels, and can timely understand the commodity process and final sales status in the distribution process. This will help enterprises adjust product structure in time, supplement out of stock commodities, analyze market characteristics, and adjust market strategies in real time, thus creating conditions for enterprises to reduce inventory and adopt real-time production methods. As for the commercial distribution channel, the experimental equipment has a universal experimental machine. Network distribution also opens up a huge space to obtain the information of best-selling goods in time and deal with unsalable goods, so as to speed up the sales turnover

in a sense, strengthening the close connection between manufacturing enterprises and distribution channels through the Internet has made distribution a natural extension of enterprise activities and an important force to strengthen the market competitiveness of both sides. This connection has become an inevitable choice for American enterprises to survive and develop rapidly towards internationalization

Chinese manufacturing and commercial enterprises must seize this opportunity. Perhaps we should pay more attention to establishing communication networks while building large luxury commercial buildings, otherwise, Huamei commercial buildings can only be a cloak to increase marketing costs. Using the Internet to build a new real-time contact framework between businesses and suppliers is the best way for enterprises to improve their market competitiveness

level 4 direct sales

a large number of intangible shopping malls have opened on the Internet, which means that most direct sales rely on manual construction; However, all coating materials can be mechanically constructed, such as Amazon, cdnow, etc. Internet is a paradise for enterprises and individuals to face each other. It is the shortest channel to directly contact a large number of consumers scattered in a vast space. It eliminates time delays and restrictions, removes geographical distance and obstacles, and provides a wider range of consumer choice opportunities and flexible choices. Therefore, online direct sales create new opportunities for the upper to realize consumer demand

online direct sales is not only a consumption mode for individuals, but also includes online direct transactions between enterprises. It is an efficient and low-cost market transaction mode, representing a new business model. Some people abroad call such companies whirlpool companies: once a station attracts a large number of buyers by providing useful product information, sellers will flock, and their products will attract more customers in a rapid cycle

due to the fact that direct sales on the Internet combines all intermediate sales links and provides more detailed commodity information, buyers can compare commodity characteristics and prices faster and easier, so as to take the initiative in consumption choices, and it is more convenient to contact many sellers. For the seller, this model requires almost no sales cost, and the benefits of completing the transaction immediately are also obvious

American enterprises are the creators and pioneers of this model. The development of direct sales model in the United States has its special environment: first, the mature market mechanism and credit service system, direct sales realizes the information process of purchase and transaction, which is separated from its physical process. This information indicates that pellethane TPU is a safe, stable and excellent PVC replacement material process, which contains a lot of information reflecting the credit ability of both parties to the transaction and the recognition of business rule information under the market mechanism. In fact, the logistics process is guaranteed by the product quality, convenient and efficient transportation service system, so the real economic system is still the basis for realizing direct sales; Second, it has advanced network foundation and a large number of people. At the same time, it has high-speed network and low cost as the material guarantee of consumption; The third is the social and cultural environment for pursuing innovation. The United States is a country that lacks tradition. Continuous innovation has brought it to the forefront of the world, and has also become an important part of its social culture. New things are easier to be accepted and promoted by people, and then become the driving force of innovation, which has a great impact on consumption concepts and behaviors

direct sales mode has been applied by some domestic enterprises in exploration, but at present, the domestic market environment has great constraints on it, mainly as follows:

1 The enterprise credit level and personal credit ability are low

2. Imperfect market mechanism and market system

3. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of products and services

4. The network construction needs to be improved, and the supporting e-commerce laws and regulations, banking and transportation service system have not been established

5. There is still a gap in consumption concept

6. The ability of enterprises to apply interconnection needs to be improved

from the perspective of the low-cost advantage of direct sales, most domestic consumers are very price sensitive, so they can generally accept this consumption mode, but the premise of its development is to improve the above links as soon as possible and overcome many constraints

five level marketing integration

Internet is a new market environment, which will not only have a significant impact on a certain link and process of an enterprise, but also have a significant impact on the organization, operation and management concept of the enterprise. Some enterprises have quickly integrated into this environment, relying on the network to establish close contact with raw material suppliers, manufacturers and consumers, and collect and transmit information through the network, so as to make full use of the production capacity of network partners according to consumer demand, and realize the whole process of product design, manufacturing and sales service. The author calls this mode marketing integration. Representatives of this model include Cisco, Dell and other companies

in the management mode of Cisco, networks are everywhere. It forms a close connection between customers, potential buyers, business partners, suppliers and employees, thus becoming the center of all links, integrating suppliers, contract manufacturers and assembly teams, and becoming

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