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Fujitsu customer service AI application: cross platform customer service whole process AI tracking

Fujitsu has developed a set of customer satisfaction visualization platform using AI technology, which can start tracking from customers' browsing page products, infer customers' intentions from browsing contact: 0471 ⑷ 826452 behavior process, and further integrate it into Chatbot text customer service and human voice customer service

this system can instantly analyze the customer's text dialogue content in Chatbot, or Gu and Japanese experts will regularly exchange and share the content and tone of the customer when they use voice to ask, so as to infer the customer's response to the key of BJ 16 (8) 7 (improper disassembly will cause changes in pendulum torque and impact center position; 2001 Version) in the six major factors affecting the purchase intention

the system can show the immediate satisfaction and happiness of customers on the screen of customer service personnel, so that customer service personnel can see the effect of using different response statements at a glance, and can even recommend more effective response statements to customer service personnel for reference, and timely correct bad response strategies to improve the final customer satisfaction

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