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Fujian Sanke joined hands with Huawei video conference to open a new era of rural commercial banks

1 Founded in January 2011, Fuzhou rural commercial bank, the first restructured rural commercial bank in Rongcheng, is a joint-stock commercial bank restructured on the basis of Fuzhou urban rural credit cooperatives with a 62 year development history. It is one of the oldest financial institutions in Fuzhou. After the restructuring of Fuzhou rural commercial bank, it has made clear its market positioning of connecting urban and rural areas, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, automatically ending the promotion of enterprises after the completion of the experiment, and focusing on people's livelihood. It strives to build Fuzhou rural commercial bank into a characteristic bank and Boutique bank with sufficient capital, perfect governance, standardized management, active innovation, first-rate service, good performance and strong market competitiveness, and makes positive contributions to the development of local economy

2. Collaborative office faces new challenges

in the daily work of rural commercial banks, internal communication, business training, administrative meetings, etc. all need the participation of units at all levels, which often requires the personnel of units distributed in different regions to rush to the superior to attend the meeting, and then convey the superior business norms and guidance, which is time-consuming, laborious and strict, and finally affects the business efficiency. It is imperative to build an efficient communication system, and it is also necessary for rural commercial banks to achieve a harmonious One of the remaining bristle removal steps is an important step in the goal of benefit oriented, learning oriented and innovative banks

Fujian SANKE Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in network system integration, network information security, network generic cabling system, remote video image transmission system, building automation and other new damping materials, which will be used in sophisticated weapon equipment control system, multimedia conference system, remote video conference system, and has rich experience in project implementation and delivery. In view of the new challenges faced by customers in collaborative office, Fujian Sanke and Huawei have worked together to customize a set of mature and perfect high-definition video conference system solutions for customers

3. High definition video solutions adapted to local conditions

based on the business needs of Rural Commercial Bank of China and the characteristics of the financial industry, customized solutions have the characteristics of high definition, security, stability and so on

HD video makes communication more comfortable

end-to-end 1080p video images, with lifelike characters and clear and smooth body movements, provide on-site personnel with a face-to-face high presence, build the ultimate participation experience, and effectively improve the efficiency of communication and cooperation

data security makes communication more secure

Huawei video conference solution provides triple encryption and supports common encrypted transmission protocols

signaling stream encryption: the code stream encryption of conference control related operations

media stream encryption: audio and video stream encryption in the conference

line encryption: the whole transmission line is encrypted

when carrying out video conference among multiple units of rural commercial banks, fully ensure the security of data transmission, so that users can rest assured

stable and reliable, making communication easier

Huawei's video conferencing solutions adopt the design principle of carrier grade products, and support a variety of backup mechanisms. Among them, MCU, as the core of video communication, has a MTBF of up to 100000 hours, has carrier grade stability, supports 7*24-hour uninterrupted operation, and provides continuous and stable video conferencing services for rural commercial banks

the Huawei video conference system built by Fujian Sanke for Fuzhou Rural Commercial Bank covers business departments, sub branches, banking offices and other units, which greatly improves the office efficiency, reduces the overall communication cost, accelerates the information construction progress of rural commercial bank, and opens a new era of efficient collaboration

with full 1080p HD video effect and stereo reproduction, customers feel the ultimate HD video conference experience, which effectively improves the communication quality of participants

Huawei's calling function enables participants to convene multi-party meetings freely and quickly, and the convenient operation mode greatly improves the efficiency of meetings

the system supports 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation without special maintenance, which effectively reduces the operation and maintenance cost

at present, the Huawei video conference system built by Fujian SANKE Information Technology Co., Ltd. for customers has been running for more than half a year, and its efficient and stable operation has been highly praised by customers for many times. At the same time, as a model point of the financial industry in the province, at present, many other rural commercial banks in the province have come to Fuzhou rural commercial bank to observe and study

this story is wonderful. Huawei hopes to work with its partners to build a more open new ecosystem and write our own story. The 2016 Huawei China partner conference is about to open. Huawei will continue to adhere to the strategy of focusing and being integrated, work with partners to grasp the reform opportunities in the ICT market, and provide customers with more valuable solutions and services. Please look forward to more wonderful

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