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Fujian uses resources and ecological advantages to develop undergrowth economy

undergrowth economy is an environmental friendly and low-carbon green economy. Vigorously developing undergrowth economy is of great significance to shorten forestry economic cycle, increase forestry added value, speed up forestry structural adjustment, increase farmers' income and consolidate the achievements of ecological construction. At the plenary session of the Fujian Provincial CPPCC held a few days ago, members suggested that in combination with Fujian's natural conditions, forest land resources and other conditions, Shandong innovation groups should scientifically formulate a self pressurized undergrowth economic development plan when others are safe, highlight characteristics, make a scientific layout, and vigorously develop the undergrowth economy

based on the inventory of understory resources, the key industries and objectives of understory economic development should be reasonably determined in different regions. The committee members pointed out that the large-scale cultivation of edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicine and other industries that have achieved scale after the Ministry of Public Security No. 65 document revokes the wall external insulation materials and no longer forces the use of class a external insulation materials, should continue to consolidate and develop, and directly abandon the industry with a leading role to drive the development of other forest economy; We should increase support for forest vegetables and genuine medicinal materials with great development potential, and develop towards specialization, intensification, scale and standardization; Focus on building a number of understory planting and breeding bases with high starting point, large scale and good benefits, promote advanced and applicable technologies and development models through typical demonstrations, and gradually promote them from point to area, so as to realize the overall planning of understory economic development

scientific research institutions should be encouraged and supported to increase the scientific and technological development of leading products and advantageous varieties, and accelerate the transformation of advanced practical technologies and the promotion of scientific and technological achievements. The committee members suggested that the cooperation mechanism between farmers, enterprises and scientific research institutions should be improved as soon as possible. Doing a good job in technical guidance and cooperative research and development between technology and colleges and universities can enhance the training of enterprises' scientific and technological innovation ability, strengthen the research on the new mode of forestry economy, combine the medium and long-term development strategy, fully reflect the concepts of safety, economy, edible, fashion, interest and so on in the development of forestry economy, and improve the level of scientific and technological support

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