Tongguan issued the first batch of housing provide

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Lu Shuyang

with the introduction of the policy of benefiting the people with provident fund, Tongguan county has actively communicated with relevant units to open the housing provident fund decoration loan business and improve the utilization rate of provident fund. At present, the county has issued the first batch of housing provident fund decoration loans of 270000 yuan

it is understood that in practice, the county will expand the extraction of self occupied housing for purchase, construction, renovation and overhaul, relax the extraction conditions of provident fund, give better play to the role of housing provident fund, support workers' housing consumption, and improve workers' housing conditions. At the same time, when employees and their spouses purchase, build, rebuild, or overhaul self occupied houses, they can withdraw the housing provident fund in their parents' and children's personal accounts with the consent of the owner of the housing provident fund, and the maximum withdrawal amount shall not exceed the actual expenditure. In addition, the county also allows people with major diseases and family difficulties to extract. Employees, spouses and immediate family members who suffer from major diseases or emergencies, resulting in special difficulties in family life, can withdraw housing provident fund. The maximum amount of withdrawal for major diseases shall not exceed the part of medical expenses borne by individuals




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