Elegant simple European decoration effect drawing

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Recently, the owners who want to decorate Wuhan look over here. Now, the simple European decoration effect picture made by Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration in Chunshui bank ・ East Lake has been exposed first! Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration designer is here to teach you how to decorate the large family house with an area of about 243 square meters on the pure water bank and East Lake to make it beautiful and practical

in terms of soft decoration in the later stage, the matching lamps, furniture, etc. are also very exquisite, which not only have western elements, but also have a strong sense of the times. For example, the flickering effect of ceiling crystal lamp, coupled with the perfect combination of European furniture, crystal lamp, wall lamp, hanging picture, jewelry and so on, forms a very tasteful decorative effect, and vividly deduces the luxurious European style

it is understood that Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration was established on March 2, 2002. Its headquarters are located at fenggehui home, No. 33, Fuxing first village, Wuhan development avenue. It is the headquarters of central China, one of the regional development goals. Over the past few years, Yezhifeng decoration (Group) Wuhan company has always adhered to the concept of "innovation + speed", and actively advocated the new home furnishing concept of "creating one-stop service with complete home furnishings" pioneered by the group. It has set up a design and research department, fenggehui Fengyi store, fenggehui Fengge store, fenggehui Fengge store, Guanggu flagship store, Fengge store and boutique store of complete home furnishing Museum on Zhongbei Road, Wuchang. After several years of planning and development, Yezhifeng Wuhan company has gradually shown a sharp edge. With its huge scale, brand-new business philosophy and the complete home service of "saving labor, worry, time and money", it has become the mainstay of Jiangcheng home decoration industry, leading the wind and trend of Jiangcheng home decoration. If you want to know more about Wuhan high cost performance company, it is recommended to read: Wuhan high cost performance company recommendation Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration adheres to the business philosophy of "surviving by quality and serving the society in good faith", and practices its commitment to customers to "fine workmanship, high quality" and use safe and environmentally friendly process materials. Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration always thinks for customers and strives to create a high-quality, comfortable, warm, fashionable and safe home living environment for every Jiangcheng customer

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