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Recently, Zhao Xianwei, who lives in Nanjing, wants to take a fancy to the decoration loan of Bank of Nanjing. Here we want to know how to apply for the decoration loan of Bank of Nanjing

in response to the trouble of Zhao Xianwei, a citizen of Nanjing, the editor of the loan network introduced it: if you want to apply for a decoration loan from the Bank of Nanjing, you must know the following points: 1. Loan limit: the starting point of personal durable consumer goods loan is 3000 yuan (including). If the collateral is used for security, the value of the collateral must be evaluated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Construction Bank, and the loan limit shall not exceed 70% of the assessed value of the collateral; In case of pledge, the maximum loan amount shall not exceed 90% of the value of the pledge right certificate; If credit or third-party guarantee is adopted (the guarantor is a natural person or a legal person), the loan limit shall be determined according to the credit rating of the borrower or guarantor, and the maximum amount shall not exceed 600000 yuan. 2. Loan term: the minimum term is half a year and the maximum term is 5 years (including 5 years). 3. Loan interest rate: it shall be implemented according to the loan interest rate for the same period stipulated by the people's Bank of China, and can fluctuate up and down within the range stipulated by the people's Bank of China

after understanding the above common sense, you also need to understand the application steps of decoration loan, which are as follows: 1. Borrower application. The loan applicant shall receive and fill in the application form for personal housing decoration loan of China Construction Bank from the banking offices and business departments of each sub branch of the Bank branch (hereinafter referred to as the loan bank), and provide the following materials to the law firm or notary office recognized by the loan bank: (1) the original and copy of the valid ID card; (2) The borrower's income certificate issued by the department recognized by the lending bank; (3) If there is a list of documents of title of mortgaged or pledged property, a certificate of ownership, and a certificate that the person with the right to dispose of (including the co owner of property) agrees to mortgage or pledge, and the guarantee is provided by a third party, a written document that the Guarantor agrees to provide the guarantee and relevant credit certification materials shall be issued; (4) There is a "Beijing family room decoration project construction contract" signed with the decoration enterprise, and the decoration enterprise must sign a "cooperation agreement" with the branch of China Construction Bank; (5) The house ownership certificate of the decorated house or the lease contract registered by the municipal housing and Land Administration Bureau; (6) Other conditions stipulated by the lending bank. 2. Investigation (decoration laws and regulations). The law firm or notary office shall investigate the credit status, repayment ability and the authenticity and legality of the materials of the loan applicant and guarantor, issue a legal opinion or notify the loan applicant who does not meet the loan conditions and return all his materials within 5 working days after receiving the above materials. 3. Bank approval. The lending bank will review the legal opinion issued by the law firm or notary office. 4. The loan applicant opens an account and handles insurance procedures. After the loan bank agrees to grant the loan, it shall notify the borrower to open a current savings account (passbook, savings card, credit card) at this bank as the designated account for repayment of the loan. For loan applicants who apply for loans by means of mortgage, the bank shall guide them to fill in the insurance policy correctly and pay the premium. 5. Sign a loan contract. The borrower shall sign the loan contract at the lending bank with the current savings passbook or savings card or credit card, and the original of the insurance document. 6. The loan contract takes effect and the funds are transferred to the borrower's account




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