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Performance is the key to the success of many aluminum alloy door and window franchise companies when formulating strategic policies and preparing to carry out. For many aluminum alloy door and window franchise companies, how to cultivate the performance of employees is the key. In fact, companies can test the performance of companies from three processes

first, the proposed policy should be clear

for the sale of aluminum alloy doors and windows business line, clear policy means to implement the policy. The accuracy and fulfillment of the policy is the basis for accounting, setting the policy and encouraging audit. It is the most important thing in the sale process

the annual sales policies of most companies are also divided into regions, provinces, offices and representatives, but this is far from enough. If the sales policies are to be accurate and can be implemented, it is necessary to divide them layer by layer until they can't be divided again

another auxiliary method to make the policy clear is the work list system, which clearly describes the work content, desired results, completion time limit, available capital, person in charge, primary helper, etc., and signs to take effect. The worksheet will show significant effects in two situations:

first, when cross part collaboration. Because each part has its own key operations and affairs, it is difficult for each part to understand the operations together, and the collaborative operations are simply preempted by the operations of this part, resulting in delays

second, when the middle-level manager gives instructions to the performer, because the performer's business ability is constrained, it may not be able to fully understand the instruction, or it may be that the middle-level manager does not want to understand it himself, and the performer does not dare to ask in detail, resulting in bad luck in performance

therefore, the primary effect of the worksheet is to make the operation request more clear, and then sign to perform duties

second, use reliable methods

Yue Fei taught the soldiers the abduction horse of hooking the horse's legs and breaking the golden rule by creating a hook and sickle gun. If there is no such feasible method, no matter how brave the Yue army is, it may not be able to win. Since the mission of the implementation layer is to perform, the manager should assume that they have no thinking, so as to provide detailed operation methods

draw up a feasible method, which requires effective cooperation in three links: plan, support and response

the first decision plan should not be based on the leader's voluntary decision, but should be fully proved by contacting the market situation; Support can help high-end employees with their subordinates' affairs, as well as professional internal or external training. It needs to be noted that for the implementation level, teaching things and methods is far more important than passing on thinking. Encouraging training will not bring much more affairs, and solving problems depends more on methods than enthusiasm

there are always deficiencies in any method, and the response in the implementation will help to further improve it

third, the process is reasonable

in most companies, the process has no problem in form, but it is unreasonable in performance. There are two unreasonable factors: inexperienced management and unequal responsibilities and rights

for example, in some companies, the promotion manager does not grasp the personnel rights of the affairs representative, and the recruitment and dismissal are all capital decisions. So how to ensure the operational ability of the representative, how to deal with the employees who should not be retained, and how to ensure the performance

this is a typical embodiment of the layman's management of the skilled industry. The unequal responsibilities, rights and interests lead to the mutual prevarication of homework. Everyone can manage it, and everyone can't manage it. After all, all the small things are put to the boss. Therefore, in order to make the process reasonable, the first thing is to change the management thinking. First, the boss should delegate power appropriately, and second, the supporting function should be strengthened and the management function should be weakened between the parts, especially the layman should not be allowed to manage the familiar business

the ability to perform is planned, and the basic guarantee of the ability to perform also lies in the top-level planning. The ability to perform is not an empty slogan, does not rely on excellent employees, does not expect everyone to be spontaneous, but depends on a systematic and sound system - top-level planning. The key to performance is not "should", but "necessary". As long as we turn the "how should" we often say in our days into a standardized "how should we do", we can achieve their strong performance. The success or failure of strategic decisions depends on the forward-looking ability of high-level decision planners, and the success or failure of detailed decisions depends on the performance of the middle and bottom levels. But the foundation of fulfillment lies in the top-level planning ability of high-level decision planners. The essence of performance lies not in oneself, but in the standards of the company. The focus is not on how to imitate the guidelines of famous companies, but on what principles or guidelines they plan these guidelines according to, so as to truly enlighten us on how to create performance through standard planning. Good top-level planning is to reduce staff trial and error




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