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On November 13, according to the requirements of the first steering group of the heavy equipment group, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held a briefing on the implementation of the rectification of the mass road line education practice activities. The accuracy of corporate control will not be poor. A total of 63 people from the company's leadership, Party branch secretaries, branch chairmen and employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by jingyuanyuan, general manager of the group company and chairman of the labor union of the joint stock company

at the meeting, yanghuijun, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the company, reported on the removal of the output wiring section at the implementation stage of the rectification of the mass line from two aspects: first, the main measures for rectification and implementation. Carefully organize learning, take appropriate measures and establish working mechanism; Well organized with clear objectives; Carry out "looking back" and lay a solid foundation. 2、 Main results of rectification and implementation. First, solicit opinions in a timely manner, solve the difficulties of employees, and solve substantive problems for their lives and work; Second, the upper and lower levels are linked to carry out rectification at the same time, clarify the task statement, schedule and personnel, and carry out open-door rectification from the specific things, from the things around us, and from the things that the staff and workers are most dissatisfied with; The third is to do a good job of rectification and implementation in the implementation of various rules and regulations. On the one hand, we will resolutely implement the central government's various systems and regulations and streamline the "three public" funds to ensure that administrative power is open, transparent, orderly and standardized. On the other hand, we strengthened the standardization of our own work and further tempered the party spirit of Party members and cadres of the company by issuing relevant documents. Subsequently, the participants assessed the satisfaction of the rectification and implementation of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in a pragmatic manner, so the transformation power was high

finally, jingyuanyuan put forward two requirements in his summary: 1. Take the mass line education practice as an opportunity to solve the difficulties in the work and life of cadres and employees, and unite our efforts to make employees truly benefit from the mass line activities. 2. Relevant workshops and departments should perform their respective duties, fulfill their respective responsibilities, complete the work of Shanghai BMW Association, and show the spirit of our Shaanxi construction robot

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