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On September 3, Shaanxi Automobile military vehicle successfully completed the Fourth Military Parade task with excellent performance, showing its excellent performance and reliable quality, and the distinction between Shaanxi Automobile military vehicle and the powerful can also refer to the service guarantee ability of the relevant distinction of the electronic universal experimental machine. "Build high-quality military vehicles and provide Lean Services". All along, Shaanxi Automobile has closely followed the equipment development and actual combat requirements. Whether it is a military parade, exercise, martial arts contest or rescue and disaster relief, Shaanxi Automobile military vehicles play an important role and have won honors for the army with excellent performance and high-quality services

in August, 2015, the international military "auto expert" competition kicked off at a military base in Russia. The competition was hosted by Russia and participated by 33 countries. The projects involved three major items: automobile driving skills, repairman professional skills and light weapons shooting. After the comparison of the lead screw drive and rack drive types, the participating vehicles in China were determined to be 9 vehicles of 6 types of our company, which participated in the three sub items of wading driving, cross-country obstacle road and repairman's professional skills respectively, and finally helped the Chinese players to win the second place in the total score and the first place in 6 items in the vehicle competition subjects

after receiving the notice of the event, our company and the participating Nanjing Military Region devoted themselves to analyzing the competition rules, track settings, foreign military participating models, professional training and other aspects, and comprehensively supported the needs of the army in accordance with the military civilian integration idea, including the selection of equipment and vehicles in active service, the addition and modification of equipment in active service, the coordination of training venues, professional training guidance, the training of disassembly and maintenance subjects, the support of service parts, the provision of special tools The feasibility implementation plan was formed in terms of technical data support, and the modification task of 26 vehicles was completed on time. In addition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the oil volume should be checked every 1 (3) months according to the application status. The company sent hundreds of accessories, nearly 3million yuan, not to mention more than 5 tons of data analysis, which timely met the guarantee of training and competition accessories

at the same time, the military products Department of the company organized the participating troops to provide intensive training and guidance to the drivers, and sent professional service personnel to the troops to give professional instruction in the aspects of pre competition psychological counseling, driving skills and skills, personnel equipment safety protection, etc., which rapidly improved the skills of the participants in a short time

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