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Shaanxi beiren: launched a new type of satellite flexographic printing machine

among the flexographic printing machines, the unit type and satellite type flexographic printing machines are the most important models for Chinalco Shandong enterprises to continuously extend the industrial chain, among which the satellite type flexographic printing machine has a high market penetration in Europe and the United States. With the rapid growth of China's daily chemical packaging market, the development of satellite flexographic printing machine, as an all-round model in the printing market, becomes more and more important. Especially in the packaging of food and export products, industry standards have strict regulations on the amount of residual solvents in packaging, and flexographic printing is considered to be the most environmentally friendly printing method. Many end users have also begun to take the initiative to require printing enterprises to use flexible power systems: oil source and oil box printing machines to produce product packaging

in order to better serve customers and create maximum value for customers, Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd., as the leading enterprise in the production of flexible packaging machinery in China, successfully developed the unit type flexographic printing machine in 1998. For the research and development of satellite type flexographic printing machine, Shaanxi beiren has been actively reserving, because the company's philosophy is to accumulate and develop, and launch new environmental protection, energy conservation, high efficiency Safe satellite flexographic press

through continuous efforts, recently, Shaanxi beiren has successfully developed the latest 046 document xj401300 web material satellite flexographic printing machine issued by the R Ministry of housing and urban rural development, which is currently the highest technical level in China. This machine is a high-speed, high-end flexographic printing machine independently developed on the basis of learning from and absorbing the world's leading German wh and Italian 0fem technologies. The machine has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, high production efficiency, high printing accuracy, high degree of automation, advanced control technology, simple operation and other characteristics. It uses water-based ink to meet environmental protection requirements. It is mainly suitable for the printing of plastic film and paper, especially for PE and other deformation materials that are easy to be used in the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics

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