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Shaanxi beiren: quality is the eternal polyurethane elastic material for the survival and development of enterprises. The constant theme of improving tactile sensation is

in today's society, the market is ruthless and the fittest is eliminated. Whether an enterprise can stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, product quality is the primary factor. The quality is not decided by the enterprise itself. It is decided by consumers and customers with money. Consumers have the final right to judge the quality of the product and decide whether to buy the product. Without quality, there is no way for an enterprise to survive. What brand advantages, development potential, core competitiveness and so on are empty words. Therefore, quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. Quality creates integrity and quality casts a brand

Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has been taking quality, cost, efficiency and benefit as the theme of its work in the past two years, which requires the enterprise to constantly improve its product quality. Only by firmly grasping the five basic work of system construction, full staff management, process control, product inspection and nonconforming product control, can we grasp the product quality

focusing on system construction and ensuring standardized management are the basic work and important means of product quality management. Shaanxi beiren said that they should further improve their understanding of product quality and carry out product production and operation in strict accordance with laws, regulations and standards. At the same time, establish and improve the product quality management system and system, internal control standards and control procedures to make the product performance indicators and external perception meet the design standards. With a sound system, we must also pay attention to the implementation, implement the system and measures into the work and the production process, clarify the rewards and punishments, and implement them in a timely manner, so that the system can play its due role in product quality

focus on the management of the whole staff to ensure everyone's participation. Man is the producer of products and the creator of product quality. To grasp the quality first is to grasp the people. The universal testing machine for lead wire is mainly composed of the main frame, oil cylinder, oil cylinder seat, moving beam, front and rear clamps, load sensors and other components. The leaders should further enhance the quality awareness, build a full-time quality management team, and have quality management objectives. They should have specific quality objectives every month, every week and every day, and decompose the objectives to each process and each operator, Any weak link is difficult to produce high-quality products. The awareness of product quality reflects the society of the enterprise and the working spirit of employees, and all employees must participate

grasp process control to ensure product quality. To grasp the product quality, we must grasp the control of each process in the product production process. The enterprise should ensure excellent equipment and environment, and carry out the 6S work of sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy and safety. The production process of high-quality products is the process of striving for perfection, and do the prevention and disposal of unqualified products, Even if the cost of quality problems is increased, it is necessary to provide process products that meet the standard requirements for the next process of drafting the guide. Only by controlling the design, processing, assembly and other process links can the product quality be ensured

although the product quality is not tested, people in Northern Shaanxi believe that we must attach great importance to quality inspection. Only in this way can we know well. If an enterprise does not have a final conclusion on the quality of its own products, consumers and customers will certainly dare not buy the products. Therefore, the quality control, inspection and management of raw materials, process products and final products must be carried out to cover the whole production process and run through each production link, so as to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and return visit as expected by consumers

quality management begins with paying attention to customers and ends with customer satisfaction, creating greater value for customers. Only by always putting quality in the first place, giving full play to the functions of managers at all levels, insisting on the participation of all employees, grasping and jointly managing product quality with a meticulous and excelsior heart, and firmly establishing the sense of hardship and crisis that whoever has a quality problem is the one who is throwing his own job and the job of the enterprise, can such enterprises enhance their core competitiveness and bravely take the lead in the fierce market competition Be invincible

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