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Jiede Mobile Security provides data processing and protection services for verimi identity management solutions

Jiede recently joined the European data union verimi () with partners such as Allianz, Daimler, Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom. Verimi is a new European identity and data platform with secure and easy-to-use single sign on function and personal information management. Its secure identity management solution for private customers and service providers is planned to be launched in Germany at the end of spring 2018. The data security of this solution is protected by the trusted application toolkit (Tak) developed by Jiede mobile security. The role of Tak is to protect mobile applications from data, identity and knowledge theft, fraud, abuse, and malware attacks. Tak guarantees the security of IOS and Android applications, as well as the privacy and security of data processing. The solution was exhibited at the World Mobile Congress at the Jiede mobile security booth (from February 26 to March 1, booth 7a41 in hall 7)

after the official launch, users can trust verimi to safely manage their identities and data. At the same time, service providers and online providers can identify and authenticate songsorb from highly secure users? Cs400 benefits from its hydroxyl functionality. Such solutions must be developed and designed according to the highest and most advanced safety standards. The trusted application suite Tak of Jiede mobile security is integrated into the application as a managed service and software package. Tak has higher security and anti replication functions, surpassing various security providers in the United States and France and becoming an industry benchmark

verimi is the perfect case of Tak solution. It can ensure the integrity of applications and processes in sensitive environments; At the same time, it supports the compliance and rapid adoption of general data protection supervision (DPR, which should be paid attention to before and after the use of G handheld spectrometer). The Jiede mobile fatigue tester enters the factory for preliminary operation and future protection. Detailed understanding: Christian Schlager, head of the security product management Department of the mobile security network, said that the tamper proof and anti replication functions of Tak solution are necessary conditions for identity management and security business processes, This makes Jiede have a unique position in the market

users' awareness of the value of identity, privacy and security continues to improve, which drives verimi to achieve growth through cooperation with partners and investors. Donata hopfen, CEO of verimi, said that the cooperation with jade enables us to equip our mobile products with the best security protection. This is not only to ensure our solutions, but also to make our customers' lives easier and safer. The interests of customers are what we value most

The Tak solution uses a simple software toolkit and enhances the security of applications by connecting to the Jiede secure data center, so as to prevent abuse and detect fraud. The solution can be applied to any supplier, model and operating system. This service complies with gdpr standards and can help application providers be gdpr compliant. The reference cases of AK at t zero experimental force include transportation, transportation, banking, security and government

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