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Jiede mobile security and Samsung SDS jointly demonstrated convego mobile authentication

at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 26 to March 1), Jiede mobile security demonstrated advanced mobile authentication solutions, enabling banks and other financial institutions to implement strong biometric authentication for mobile banking and payment services. This solution is supported by Samsung SDS nexsign software. Nexsign is an authentication solution for fast identity authentication of Fido, which provides unique functions for financial institutions, allowing users to access mobile banking services using a variety of biometric functions, such as fingerprint, face and voice vouchers. Without long and complex passwords, the authentication of end customers becomes easier

at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 26 to March 1), Jiede mobile security demonstrated an advanced mobile authentication solution supported by Samsung SDS nexsign software

mobile terminals have become the most frequent channel for users to access banking services, surpassing personal computers and laptops. However, with the increasing use of mobile terminals by customers, network crimes also follow. This forces banks to take higher-level security measures to combat this new form of cyber attack. At present, most intelligent users refuse to use complex passwords to support biometric technology, which is a challenge for banks

therefore, security must be one of the key objectives of the revised payment services directive (psd2). The Directive requires very strong and secure authentication of mobile electronic payment services. Specifically, psd2 requires EU payment service providers to implement a combination of at least two independent identification elements to authorize transactions (called two factor authentication). These elements can be physical items (such as cards or mobile) that are usually combined with biometric elements such as fingerprints

at present, the solution provided by Jiede mobile security company fully meets the requirements of psd2 and has a variety of unique functions, which is different from other solutions in the market, such as:

the importance of ensuring the accuracy of the magnitude of the fatigue testing machine

supporting a variety of biometric options, Banks can choose these options to match their unique risk characteristics

support Android and IOS platforms

German national standards have formulated the corresponding mold manufacturing tolerance standard din16749 for plastic parts tolerance

make use of the best security -- tee and Se hardware security, Other places use white box encryption technology

support screen blur for safe viewing of documents

the availability of mobile biometrics combined with the security of end-to-end Fido challenge response protocol

the only solution certified by Fido and common criteria at the same time

global interoperability brought about by Fido authentication

jade mobile security has a good reputation in providing security solutions to banks, The partnership with Samsung SDS is very suitable to meet the growing needs of customer authentication and the latest banking regulatory needs, said Gabrielle bugat, head of Jiede mobile security solutions

with the advantages of Samsung SDS in technology and innovation, but its good product quality can be continued in w+b), coupled with the mature experience of Jiede in mobile security and financial services, we have established a very strong partnership, which can provide unique solutions to meet customers, banks and regulators, etc., added jongcheel im, President of Samsung SDS Europe

this mature solution provides financial institutions with the convenience of rapid setup and market launch. The bank received the Jiede mobile security software development kit (client software), which can be integrated into its existing banking applications. The bank also integrates the Fido server into its back-end system to provide a secure endpoint for the authentication process. Then bank customers only need to start from the application store. Our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer. We have carried out a systematic and comprehensive analysis and Research on the imported spring testing machines made in Japan and Germany, and designed a new generation of advanced spring testing machines with the method of reverse engineering with reference to the structure of domestic testing machines. Not only its main technical indicators have reached the level of foreign testing machines, And its price is less than 1/4 of that of similar foreign products, so it has a broad market prospect. Update their banking applications and activate a new mobile authentication solution after a one-time registration process

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