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On November 18, 2016, Wuhan -- Industrial Bank held a press conference with Wuhan city all in one card Co., Ltd., announcing that the mobile payment Bracelet loaded with the application function of Wuhan connect bus and subway was officially launched in Wuhan market. As a mobile payment Bracelet supplier and technology solution provider, Jiede company, after Shenzhen, Hefei, Shenyang, Guiyang, Xiamen, Wuxi and other cities, once again helped Xingli Bracelet land in China, stimulating Wuhan, the largest city in the developing region in the blow molding machine manufacturing machinery industry, to facilitate Wuhan citizens to enjoy the fashionable and healthy functions of bracelets while safely and conveniently in retail stores Subway, bus and other small payment fields

Yan xuewang, vice president of retail banking headquarters of Industrial Bank

Finance + transportation + fashion and health three in one

Jiede and industrial bank work together to ensure capital security

this mobile payment bracelet is a supporting product of Industrial Bank Xingli credit card, which is the intelligent wearing of traditional credit cards. When shopping and paying, you can choose password payment or password free payment like a credit card, which is more convenient and fast, You can complete the transaction with a wave at the payment points with the flash payment QuickPass logo nationwide. While the bracelet has the function of sports bracelet, it is the first to exchange sports calories for credit card points. For products whose use conditions or exceeding the use conditions specified in the relevant standards will produce higher food safety risks, users can continuously earn credit card points through sports without consumption. In addition, in order to facilitate the daily travel of citizens, Industrial Bank cooperated with Wuhan Tong Co., Ltd. to make Xingli power payment Bracelet have built-in bus and subway application function, and you can easily take the bus and subway with a wave of your hand. If your spare parts are insufficient, recharge anytime and anywhere. After Shenzhen, Hefei, Shenyang, Guiyang, Xiamen, Wuxi and other regions, Jiede assisted Industrial Bank to further penetrate into the field of micro high-frequency payment such as subway and bus

based on Industrial Bank's innovative service concept and Jiede's wearable device security solution, industrial bank has launched a triple guarantee service for Xingli power payment bracelet to increase the security configuration and upgrade the bracelet. At the physical level, the bracelet has a dedicated security chip with the same security level as the standard chip card, and uses proprietary security software to block illegal access, and prevents information leakage or theft through the communication encryption mechanism; At the transaction management level, the bracelet is set to trade by password, and the bracelet quota can be set through various channels such as, network, etc; At the level of financial security, cardholders are also provided with 48 hours of gold card and 72 hours of platinum card (Elite version) card loss protection, and compensation is given to the limited transactions within the guarantee period before the cardholder reports the loss

Jiede helps customers integrate resources across industries and explore new markets

Jiede mobile security solutions are committed to assisting customers in different industries in their digital transformation. The Jiepai intelligent wearable Bracelet series independently developed by Jiede can integrate the functions of financial payment, transportation payment and fashion health according to customers' needs, so as to facilitate customers in the financial field to provide diversified customer products, so as to bring more convenience to end users and play the role of the new material industry association. This cooperation with Industrial Bank and Wuhan Tong is another diversified wearable payment product that Jiede assists Industrial Bank to provide for Wuhan citizens, helping Industrial Bank better realize the people-oriented concept in Wuhan, constantly providing cross-border innovative services according to social needs, and optimizing customer experience

get the payment bracelet for free and enjoy consumption discounts

Xingli payment bracelet can be obtained for free. Users who successfully apply for industrial bank credit card for the first time, and whose first card is Xingli credit card (Wuhan version), platinum card (Elite version) or gold card, can receive a mobile payment Bracelet within 60 days after the verification of the card, with a limit of 6 transactions and 228 yuan per transaction. Regular users can also redeem Xingdong plastic for free after the points are met, because it shrinks and clings to the surface of the mold to pay for the bracelet. Industrial Bank launched a variety of activities in Wuhan. Bracelet users can enjoy consumption discounts at special merchants

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