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Jiede released the IOT trusted connection solution at MWC to help China's IOT devices sail out to sea

MWC (World Mobile Communication Conference) hosted by GSMA made a new appearance in Shanghai on February. During the exhibition, Jiede introduced a trusted connection solution for IOT to the audience, helping China IOT equipment to be successfully introduced to the overseas market

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 1million new devices will be connected to the network every hour in the world. The whole industry is looking forward to the evolution from traditional SIM to ESIM, which will be rapidly realized in the next two years. The vast number of IOT equipment manufacturers in China will export a large number of equipment to the world. When a huge opportunity comes, it is also accompanied by complex new challenges

at the MWC IOT summit, Zhang Xiaodong, director of Jiede China TCD business unit, said that China's IOT equipment is being deployed in a large number of countries around the world. In the process of equipment export, many enterprises have also encountered some difficulties and challenges:

1 The market requires that the equipment should have a more cost-effective standby connection function when leaving the factory, and it needs reliable network coverage and cost-effective network traffic connected to the cloud

2. Security, including:

(1) security of IOT equipment itself: in the future massive object-to-object connection, ensure that the equipment is not attacked or illegally controlled

(2) data security: the future era of IOT will be a massive data era. In the future, the popularization of intelligence and AI cannot be separated from data-driven. Massive data generated from various terminal devices will be uploaded to the cloud as the basis of edge computing, cloud computing and AI. Therefore, the elongation of materials is generally high, and it is particularly important to be true and effective

3. Meet the compliance requirements of overseas markets and establish the credibility of enterprises in the international market

Zhang Xiaodong, director of China TCD Business Department of Jiede, shared his views at the MWC IOT summit

in order to help China IOT equipment manufacturing enterprises solve the above pain points, Jiede strategically launched one-stop services to help equipment export to overseas markets. Jiede trusted connection scheme integrates euicc, ESIM management background, global network connection and IOT security suite to provide IOT equipment with a global mobile network and one-stop service for ESIM life cycle management. In addition to providing flexible connection capabilities for IOT devices, trusted connections can also play more roles in IOT applications according to actual needs, such as device authentication, data integrity, and device cloud E2E security

as a 169 year old security service provider with different structures and designs of universal experimental machines, and a trusted global partner of the ecosystem, Jiede has always been in the leading position in the field of ESIM. Jiede trusted connection scheme will simplify the deployment of the ecological chain and help China's IOT equipment sail to sea

Jiede trusted connection -- helping Chinese IOT devices sail to sea

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