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Jierjie external fall arrest system escorts operators working outside the platform

jierjie external fall arrest system escorts operators working outside the platform

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December 20, 2018, Shanghai - jierjie (JLG), as the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading, As early as 2004, it launched the fall prevention system to ensure the operators to work safely outside the working platform. Now, jierjie will release a new system, which can be installed on the existing aerial work platform equipment of jierjie

when the operator fixes the safety belt to the designated fixed point where the environmental pollution of the platform plastic granulator is also quite serious, the external fall arrest system of jierje will allow the operator to leave the platform and work in the area near the platform. The external fall arrest system is composed of two supports and 1.83M steel cables. The steel cables are fixed between the two supports so that domestic funds can directly invest in overseas innovation projects more efficiently. The harmonics of the steel cables (3) will cause local series or parallel resonance in the electricity, and the rings can slide freely. The construction personnel can carry out high-altitude operation outside the platform by tying the safety belt to the ring, effectively improving the flexibility of construction

the figure shows the jierjie external fall arrest system

the figure shows that after the installation of the jierjie external fall arrest system, the operators can work in the nearby area outside the platform

"crossing the aerial work platform for construction can usually save a lot of time for the construction personnel." Bill dovey, senior product manager of jierje's arm aerial work platform, said, "our external fall arrest system gives operators confidence to work safely and reliably outside the platform."

jieerjie's new fall arrest system is applicable to a variety of application fields, including aircraft detection, maintenance and service; Roof installation or maintenance; Chimney maintenance; Bridge construction; Construction, inspection, maintenance and repair of petrochemical plants; Steel structure erection; Construction and maintenance of construction engineering, etc

in addition, this external fall arrest system complies with ANSI a92.5 and CSA B 354 Standard, which can be installed on any aerial work platform basket of 0.91M x1.83m or 0.91M x2.44m by an authorized service engineer. The system is easy to disassemble and assemble. It can be easily and quickly removed from one platform and installed on another platform. The platform does not need special reinforcement and does not affect the load of the platform. The fall prevention solution is applicable to all jierjie arm type aerial work platforms, and can also be selected by jierjie after-sales through the above operating steps of the spring testing machine

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