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Jiaxing paper industry still needs to "slim down" to survive the downturn in demand

even if the sample breaks within 10mm from the clamping gap during the test process and is strongly impacted by the financial crisis, the profit and tax rate of the output value of the paper industry is still strong. The relevant person in charge of Jiaxing Economic and Trade Commission in Zhejiang told that from January to April this year, the city's paper industry achieved profits and taxes of 277million yuan, with a growth rate of 41.10%, and the profit and tax rate of industrial output value reached 7.89%, ranking first among the city's top 10 manufacturing industries, 1.3 percentage points higher than the clothing industry ranking second

The structural trap behind the halo

as a traditional industry, Jiaxing paper industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. Last year, the total industrial output value of the city's paper industry reached 13.697 billion yuan, and the sales revenue reached 13.313 billion yuan, an increase of 106.3% and 105.4% respectively over 2005; The production capacity increased from 1.87 million tons in 2006 to 2.43 million tons last year

the contribution of the paper industry to the city's economy has increased year by year, from 6.38% in 2006 to 7.55% in 2008, far exceeding the national average level, and the development of copper based new materials directly promotes the development of key fields such as electronic information, marine engineering equipment, new energy vehicles and so on

however, the relevant person in charge of Jiaxing Economic and Trade Commission told that the growth rate of export delivery value of the city's paper industry in 2006 was 59.6%, but last year it was only 9.7%; Last year, the growth rate of total profit was -23.4%, and the sales profit margin also fell to 1.87%

if the paper industry wants to get out of the dilemma as soon as possible, it must be transformed and upgraded in the optimization of the structure, and the tensile space of the horizontal tensile testing machine can reach more than 10 meters. The person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission said that there are structural traps hidden under the halo of Jiaxing's paper industry, which is also the key point of the city's paper industry

the papermaking industry is a technology intensive industry, and the industry R & D expenditure is an important indicator to measure the technical level of industrial enterprises, while the papermaking industry in our city is not generous in R & D investment. According to reports, most paper-making enterprises in our city have no special technology research and development investment, and lack patents and independent brands. The technology input of the whole industry accounts for about 0.6% of the business income, which is far lower than the average level of 1.38% of Jiaxing industry, and even lower than the standard of 3% of general industrialized countries

Wang juming, general manager of Jiaxing Dayang Paper Co., Ltd., said that by investing 6million yuan to 8million yuan to carry out technological transformation on each production line, small and medium-sized paper-making enterprises can completely solve the problems of technology and environmental protection. Worryingly, there are not many paper enterprise leaders who hold the idea of Wang juming

there are still some problems in Jiaxing paper industry, such as low equipment level, single product structure, small enterprise scale and so on, which are also the bottleneck restricting the sustainable and healthy development of Jiaxing paper industry. Taking the scale of enterprises as an example, last year, the sales revenue of the top eight paper-making enterprises in the city accounted for less than 20% of the total revenue of the paper industry. Except that Jingxing paper accounted for 5.3% and Minfeng special paper accounted for 9%, the proportion of other enterprises was less than 3%. Obviously, the industrial concentration needs to be further improved

to survive the downturn, the key is to lose weight. Zhou LiXiao, director of the Yangtze River Delta Strategic Research Center at Tsinghua University in Zhejiang Province, said that the immediate urgency of the city's paper industry is to reduce production capacity

we should make new achievements in the aspects of larger industrial aggregate, better structure, stronger main body, more stamina and higher quality. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission said that in order to usher in another bright village in Jiaxing's paper industry, we must work together in many ways: eliminate backward production capacity and optimize the industrial structure; Actively develop supporting productive services, such as establishing a unified waste paper recycling and trading market, developing warehousing and logistics centers in the paper industry, etc; Promote independent innovation of enterprises and build regional brands; Give full play to the functions of industry associations and promote the upgrading of entrepreneurs' capabilities

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