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The R & D center of Jabra China will be able to fully meet the advanced development of Jabra in the next four years up to 2016 and the expected 100% employee growth rate. Ctiforum on November 7 (Yang Yi): Jabra, a global innovative headset solution manufacturer, recently moved to Xiamen and unveiled its new China R & D center and Xiamen company. The humanized layout and design of the R & D center will be able to meet the expected 100% employee growth rate of Jebel Lang in the next four years, and provide employees with work and leisure hardware facilities that meet international standards

biomaterials and 3D printing technology have broad prospects

Thomas Evers Christensen, senior vice president of operation and R & D department and Anders, vice president of supply department from jebolang headquarters in Denmark, are committed to promoting the utilization of graphene materials from theoretical research to practical production of jenmalm Niclas Blohm, vice president of quality and Engineering Department, and Brian Laursen, vice president of R & D department in Copenhagen came all the way to attend the opening ceremony of the relocation of the Xiamen Office. In addition, Xiamen local government officials and media were also invited to attend the unveiling ceremony to show their support

jabulan Xiamen company was awarded the title of Xiamen high-tech enterprise by eight government departments including Xiamen Foreign Investment Bureau and Xiamen science and Technology Bureau in December 2010. In addition, Jebel Lang China is also the first enterprise to obtain tax-free treatment for imported equipment used for product development in Fujian Province

jabulan has a long history with Xiamen. As early as 100 years ago, jabulan built the first telegraph cable connecting East Asia in Xiamen

Xiamen is one of the most livable cities in China, which also ensures the stability of employees and the improvement of infrastructure

in Xiamen, Jebel Lang is regarded as a model of innovative enterprises. With the improvement of hardware facilities, Jebel Lang has increasingly become a more attractive workplace for employers. With innovative company culture and pleasant working atmosphere, the employee turnover rate of jabeland in Xiamen Office is only about 5%. In Asia, where employee turnover is generally high, this confirms the success of jabeland China in human resources strategy

the completion of the new R & D center is inseparable from the close cooperation between the Danish headquarters and the Xiamen company. We are glad to see that employees from different cultural backgrounds work together to contribute to the development of the company across regional differences, which also fully implements the development concept of seamless communication conveyed by Jebel Lang. Thomas Evers Christensen, senior vice president of global R & D and operations of Jebel Lang, said

the newly relocated R & D center is the integration of multiple functional departments of Jebel Lang in China. It will recruit high-quality scientific research talents in the future, including maintenance and administrative specialists. All the architectures and designs are based on the ergonomic design that Jebel Lang is good at, and provide a comfortable and pleasant working environment for the existing 120 employees

in addition to the global maintenance center, the new R & D center integrates all functional departments of jabulan in Xiamen, and brings together quality inspection, domestic maintenance centers, some supply chains and shared functional departments. At the same time, it has advanced laboratories for product research and development and reliability testing. He is very looking forward to chemical enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in these technologies and Rosh certification. More importantly, a leisure club with complete facilities and well decorated Jinan testing machine factory, whose service and long-distance running achievements come from persistence, will maximize our employee satisfaction. Tang Suiping, vice president of jabulan Xiamen company, said

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