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Jichai marine engine assembly and manufacturing base is expected to be put into operation in Wuhan next June

on August 23, it was learned from China petroleum equipment manufacturing branch that the marine engine assembly and manufacturing base that jichai (location of ship hangar) power plant is stepping up construction in Wuhan is expected to be completed and put into production next June. At that time, jichai power plant will have the ability to assemble and manufacture 2000 hydraulic engine systems every year. 4. Fixing method of stroller handle: make according to different standards

on August 23, it was learned from China petroleum equipment manufacturing company that the experimental repeatability and assembly manufacturing base measured by the marine engine group that jichai (location of ship hangar) power plant is stepping up construction in Wuhan is expected to be completed and put into operation in June next year. At that time, jichai power plant will have the annual assembly and manufacturing capacity of 2000 hydro chemical engine systems, adding equipment support to the "gasification of the Yangtze River"

in recent years, with the application and promotion of natural gas, the domestic LNG equipment manufacturing industry has also stepped forward. At present, in addition to Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities have built LNG terminals, Ningbo, Qingdao, Zhuhai, Tangshan and other places are also building LNG terminals. It is estimated that in 2015, China will build 17 LNG terminals with a receiving capacity of 68million tons/year. The growing LNG production capacity drives the strong demand for LNG equipment in the upstream and downstream industrial chains. China Merchants Securities recently released a research report saying that the LNG industry in the development stage will give birth to a 100 billion scale equipment market

eight categories of products in four major fields cover the whole industry chain of LNG equipment

according to the planning idea of PetroChina equipment manufacturing branch, PetroChina hopes to achieve an income of 6billion yuan by developing LNG equipment by 2015. "We have proposed four fields and eight categories of products as LNG loading. 2. Servo system tensile testing machine: take the development direction of servo motor control system, namely, LNG production and reception, transportation, gas station integration, water gas instead of oil in these four fields, engines, compressors, fixed and mobile storage tanks, LNG transport vehicles and filling stations, as well as LNG vaporizers and low-temperature heat exchangers (product library for purchase and supply) These eight categories of products. These products can be applied to the entire upstream, midstream and downstream chain of LNG industry. " Said libaogong, director of the planning and Planning Department of the equipment manufacturing branch

according to the demand of LNG production and use, LNG equipment is mainly divided into upstream liquefaction equipment, midstream storage and transportation equipment and various downstream application equipment. Among them, the fixed storage tank for storing and transporting LNG has been mastered by many domestic enterprises due to its low technical threshold

Guodong, deputy general manager of PetroChina Bohai equipment manufacturing company, said: "the profit of making storage tanks is thin. Our current main direction is the research and development and promotion of LNG dispenser skids. This year, the company has just completed the trial production of two sets of dispenser skids, which have been tested in Huagang company, and the effect is ideal."

obviously, Bohai equipment and jichai power plant follow a different LNG equipment manufacturing path. PetroChina fully considered the existing production conditions and characteristics of the enterprise when formulating the LNG equipment development plan, and made a clear positioning for its development direction. At present, the LNG low-temperature heat exchanger developed by Daqing Petrochemical Machinery Plant has achieved great success and has been successfully applied in Huanggang LNG liquefaction plant. The 24.5 cubic meter LNG truck developed by gem machinery has been filed by the Ministry of industry and information technology

independent research and development and joint venture cooperation "two legs" walk

in the research and development and manufacturing process of LNG equipment, PetroChina's equipment manufacturing enterprises show the characteristics of joint research and collaborative operations. Guo Dong believes that LNG equipment involves a wide range of fields, and it is unrealistic to fight alone. The combination of strong and strong forces can give full play to their respective strengths and achieve intensive production

lng cryogenic valve is the key equipment of LNG liquefaction station and terminal. Due to the demanding working conditions, difficult design and manufacturing and other reasons, only a few domestic valve enterprises develop and produce, and currently mainly rely on imports. It is estimated that in 2015, China will import about 520million dollars of low-temperature valves. In March this year, Bohai equipment Lanzhou Petrochemical Machinery Plant, together with Huanqiu contracting & Engineering Corporation and Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, launched the research and manufacture of low-temperature delivery valves. At present, the design work has been completed. Coincidentally, jichai Chengdu compressor factory has cooperated with Xi'an Jiaotong University to develop bog compressor. At present, the design work has been basically completed

due to the late start of domestic LNG equipment manufacturing, the world's natural gas liquefaction technology is monopolized by several major multinational energy companies. At present, almost all the key equipment used in some domestic natural gas liquefaction plants need to be imported from France, Germany, Canada and the United States. Liudingheng, senior director of the planning department of the equipment manufacturing branch, said, "we hope to speed up the introduction and digestion of advanced technology in China through joint ventures and cooperation with foreign companies."

the strong internal demand drives the rapid development of equipment manufacturing

various data show that the domestic market has a potential huge demand for LNG equipment. Taking LNG skid loading as an example, at present, China has more edge zero wells producing natural gas and coalbed methane. These wells produce less gas and do not have the value of building pipelines to export the natural gas produced by them. Local liquefaction and outward transportation provide an economic and reasonable way out for this part of resources. One LNG tanker can transport 3500 cubic meters of natural gas at a time

however, due to multiple factors such as domestic supporting policies and natural gas prices, the promotion of some LNG equipment lacks momentum. For example, in the transformation of ship power to replace oil with gas, due to the recession of shipping business in recent years, some ship owners are limited by the shortage of funds and hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the transformation of ship power from oil to gas

however, in sharp contrast to the cautious wait-and-see attitude of the LNG ship market, domestic energy enterprises have deployed "oil to gas" projects. Last year, PetroChina, Hubei Xilan and other enterprises carried out the operation of the demonstration project of converting ship fuel oil to gas in order to expand the application market of LNG in the ship field. Jichai took the lead in developing the marine dual fuel engine, with the highest replacement rate of more than 80%. It is the only domestic manufacturer whose gas engine has obtained the certification of China Classification Society (location contact), and has taken the initiative in the field of ship gas instead of oil transformation

it is believed that the popularization and use of LNG is the general trend, and the corresponding LNG equipment will also obtain more and more broad development space

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