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Jiaxing wants to improve its industrial competitiveness and build a "China photovoltaic technology city"

yesterday afternoon, Lu Jun, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, presided over a leading group meeting on the "five in one" innovation comprehensive pilot work of the solar photovoltaic industry in Jiaxing, to consider and discuss the "Zhejiang solar photovoltaic industry" five in one "innovation comprehensive pilot program" and the "policy opinions on further supporting the development of the photovoltaic industry". The pilot plan proposes to build Jiaxing into a "domestic first-class, international oriented" photovoltaic industry development, demonstration and application highland - "China photovoltaic technology city" with the goal of improving the core competitiveness of the photovoltaic industry. Vice mayors zhangrengui and Sheng Quansheng attended the meeting

it is understood that Zhejiang Province will carry out a comprehensive pilot of "five in one" innovation in the solar photovoltaic industry in Jiaxing, namely, the pilot of industrial base construction, the pilot of industrial technology innovation, the pilot of applied business model innovation, the pilot of regional smart electricity (local) innovation adapted to distributed energy access, and the pilot of policy system innovation. The pilot plan proposes that in accordance with the overall positioning of building a "China photovoltaic technology city", we should fully promote the "five in one" innovation comprehensive pilot of the solar photovoltaic industry, strive to take the lead in China to achieve major breakthroughs in industrial high-end development, commercialization promotion and application, key technology research, supporting policy environment and so on, and build Jiaxing into a new energy characteristic industrial base of the national torch plan, a national photovoltaic high-tech industrialization base National distributed photovoltaic power generation large-scale application demonstration zone and China's new energy industry city with the most investment value. At the same time, the plan also defines the ideas and objectives of the pilot work in our city, the main pilot content and the main guarantee measures

Lu Jun fully affirmed the "five in one" innovation comprehensive pilot program and relevant policy opinions of the photovoltaic industry. She said that the comprehensive pilot work of "five in one" innovation is a major opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of Jiaxing's photovoltaic industry. By 2024, all departments at all levels in the city should attach great importance to it and actively plan to promote the pilot work. In the next step, we should strive for policies with an eye on building a "China photovoltaic technology city", actively strive for favorable policies at the national and provincial levels, and strive for the guarantee of various elements for the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry in Jiaxing; In terms of industrial cultivation, we should take a global perspective, seize the best opportunity for the current adjustment and reorganization of the photovoltaic industry, strengthen the construction of Jiaxing solar photovoltaic industrial chain, and give full play to the overall advantages of the industrial chain by building, supplementing and strengthening the chain; In terms of model building, we should focus on the base, gather high-end resources and build it into a domestic first-class demonstration area; In terms of brand building, such as experimental reports, experimental parameters, system parameters, etc., which can be stored in the form of files, we should focus on the whole city, drive and radiate the whole city with a 10 square kilometer High-tech Industrial Park, and give full play to the scale advantage of the city's photovoltaic industry; In terms of the development of many factors affecting the accuracy of displacement testing, we should focus on the current situation, seize opportunities, actively act, and plan to promote the pilot work with a high starting point and high standards with a sense of urgency and a sense of crisis. Zhonghua glass () Department

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