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Jiazhaoye sports operates the world UAV race. China has achieved many firsts.

Ding Dongmei, general manager of jiazhaoye sports industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

on November 1, Beijing time, the 2018 first world UAV Championship kicked off at the Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center. After the successful completion of the qualification race for two consecutive days, from today on, the pilots who have successfully qualified will enter the fierce knockout stage. Over the past few days, the organization work of jiazhaoye sports group, the event operator, has been highly praised by contestants, media and on-site audiences. Yesterday, Ding Dongmei, general manager of jiazhaoye sports industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., received an exclusive interview from Shenzhen media

with regard to the significance of the operation of the first world drone Championship for jiazhaoye's sports industry layout, President Ding said: "in the past, jiazhaoye sports has operated commercial events such as basketball, football, basketball and cloth running, but in the highest level of competitive sports, this world drone championship is our first operation. For us, this is a milestone event."

last November, the president of the international aviation Federation announced to the world at the Wuhan world flyers conference that the first world UAV championship was officially settled in Shenzhen, China. President Ding revealed that jiazhaoye culture and sports participated in the early negotiation of the bid for the event, the subsequent landing of the event, the solution of technical solutions such as track design, and the operation of the entire event, In addition, Jiazhao sports group has deep participation due to the continuation and tightening of environmental protection policies

when asked about the highlights of this event, President Ding proudly said: "In fact, in May this year, we had a test race. The track was amazing, and the domestic and foreign media paid great attention to it. This time, the track was upgraded. The 'China knot' track created many world firsts, including the world's first real 3D multi-layer three-dimensional track; the world's first track that dared to challenge the strong interference of steel frame structure to image transmission, and was built in steel structure stadiums; the world's first track that made Track with real-time flight tracking technology; The world's first track with real-time simulation map display function; It is the first time in the world to use dual image transmission system technology; The world's first LED smart light belt with a total length of more than 7000 meters. "

will the world UAV Championship be settled in China for a long time? In this regard, Ding Dongmei revealed that after the end of this event, jiazhaoye culture and sports group will summarize and evaluate the event together with IAF and CAAC, "We are very happy and hope to promote this event to settle in China for a long time. In the future, in addition to continuing to operate the top international class I UAV event, we also gave us a detailed introduction of several universal experimental opportunities he had previously used to promote the most grass-roots events, such as 1-day scrap market dominated youth competition, domestic league, other domestic sub station competitions or qualification competitions, which we will carry out from the event system In fact, many schools in China have opened aircraft model courses. We hope to enter the all-round system to fundamentally promote the popularity of this sport among the people. In addition, we hope to have more long-term and in-depth cooperation with the international aviation Federation. We hope to operate UAV events held in other countries with the international aviation Federation. " (New)

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