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Special paper for medical care (Part 2)

6) deodorizing paper (deodorizing paper)

is a new kind of special paper for cleaning and sanitation. This kind of paper is to add deodorizer to the paper by coating, or adding it into the pulp, or making a sheet like paper, that is to say, taking the paper as the carrier of deodorizing material. Deodorizing paint is mixed with citric acid and resins, which contains inorganic substances that can absorb odor gases, such as fillers such as barium sulfate, cross-linking agents, organic solvents, etc. The price reduction of paper is limited. Deodorizer is mainly used for physical deodorization or chemical deodorization. According to the shape classification, it can be divided into powder deodorizer and liquid deodorizer. Powdered deodorizer is mostly added to pulp. Liquid deodorizer can't be added into the pulp, so it depends on spray, coating, impregnation, printing and other methods for secondary processing

the so-called "elimination" refers to the elimination, reduction or weakening of the impure and unpleasant smell contained in the air within a limited space. Deodorizing paper has "three properties": absorption, partition and decomposition. Generally speaking, the deodorization effect has the greatest relationship with the absorbability of the paper, that is, the more odor gas is absorbed, the better its function is. However, without certain isolation performance, the effect of "locking" the unpleasant gas is not ideal. Of course, whether the gas can be decomposed depends on the ingredients added to the paper (ordinary deodorizing paper does not add expensive decomposition agents)

deodorizing paper has a wide range of applications. In addition to eliminating the odor emitted by kitchens, toilets, etc., it can also be extended to hospital wards, aircraft cockpits, refrigerated warehouses and other fields. Processed into corresponding paper materials (such as lined cardboard and decorative cardboard), it can absorb all kinds of mixed unpleasant smells. With the progress of science and technology, deodorizing paper has been used in some little-known places recently. For example, the lowest temperature in the cabin of submarines and nuclear submarines is 26 ℃, and the highest is 50 ℃. Working in such an environment, the sweat and smell of officers and soldiers can be imagined. Deodorizing paper solves the urgent problem in the cabin, which makes people very happy

types of deodorizing paper:

a, charcoal paper

adsorbs various organic solvents and gases, and is used as dust-proof, odor proof masks and filters, odor proof insoles, etc

b, zeolite paper

is easy to adsorb water, ammonia, sulfur, hydrogen and other gases with small polarities

c, cristobalite paper

the main component of cristobalite is silicon dichloride, which is a silicon containing mineral made of paste made from diatom transformed overpass soil on exit road of Macun port area and then burned. It is easy to adsorb ammonia, and its adsorption capacity for hydrogen sulfide is slightly low

d, amiyon paper

this is a paper made with natural inorganic substances. Its main components are sio232.5%, cao19.4%, mgo16.8%, other inorganic substances 10.9%, organic substances 10.5%, h2o9.9

e, aluminum orthophosphate paper

this is an internally added aluminum phosphate paper that is easy to adsorb ammonia and amines. In addition, there is another type used with activated carbon fiber. This kind of paper has a good adsorption effect on mercaptan at the time of semi linkage

f, anico deodorization paper

this paper takes ferrous sulfate as the main component and L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as the oxidation inhibitor

g, deodorizing paper of plant extracts

deodorizing paper processed by flavonoids extracted from Camellia plants represented by tea, extracts of conifers, broad-leaved trees, or organic acids. Author: Rao Qinfu Beijing Zhongbao Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd.


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