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Medical equipment urgently needs to cultivate leading enterprises to improve the level of development

with the continuous development of the medical industry, the development of the medical equipment industry is also more significant. However, at this stage, domestic medical devices are in constant chaos, and many problems continue to occur, which seriously affects the development of the industry. Breaking through difficulties has become a top priority for the industry

domestic medical device enterprises lack strategic integration, showing a scattered and extensive growth trend. Domestic medical devices have been discriminated, and it is also necessary to review whether there is iron filings in the metal data, which faces many steep challenges. Although China's medical device enterprises are developing rapidly, domestic enterprises have not been able to naturally form scale development in this relatively short process, and the vast majority remain in the extensive growth stage of scattered distribution and low-level vicious competition. Taking solid-liquid phase transition as an example, this laissez faire industrial development mode is not conducive to the health of the whole industry. Cannon has developed a special solution - jetpreg exhibition

leading medical device enterprises have high management level, strong scientific research and innovation ability, obvious advantages in resisting risks and reducing costs on a large scale, which plays an important supporting role in the development of the whole industrial chain. More than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulators to become an important force to drive and form industrial clusters

therefore, management departments at all levels should actively promote the scientific integration and reorganization of domestic medical devices, help advantageous enterprises become leading enterprises through capital operation, integrate scientific research forces, production resources, marketing channels, drive industry supporting, change the low-level extensive competition situation, and then form a leading enterprise brand with reasonable division of labor and distinctive characteristics, so as to improve the intensive development level of China's medical device industry

the medical equipment industry cannot wait to die. It should closely follow the development trend of the times, formulate reasonable strategies, and speed up the healthy development process of the medical equipment industry

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