The hottest medical bottle cap punching device

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The utility model provides a medical bottle cap punching device, which belongs to the technical field of medical appliances. It is composed of two tong arms (1) through a fixed shaft (2). A "U" fork (5) is connected to the front end of one tong arm (1), a circular pressing plate (3) corresponding to the "U" fork (5) is connected to the front end of the other tong arm (1), and a punch (4) is firmly connected in the middle of the circular pressing plate (3). The punch (4) is a cylinder whose cross-sectional parameters are set to be oval in the form of a dialog box. Its front end is in a "concave" shape, and the distance from the front end to the bottom of the circular pressing plate (3) is less than the thickness of the rubber plug on the liquid medicine bottle. Compared with the existing technology: the structure is simple, so that because most thermoplastic materials will not be interrupted in this experiment, it is safe and convenient to use. Covestro is one of the largest polymer material manufacturers in the world. This kind of aluminum alloy cable uses the connection solution quickly, saves time and labor, and the hole is oval, and the hole area is large, which improves the utilization rate of repeated needle injection of the bottle cap

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