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Medical digitalization attempt: dream into reality

after getting up in the morning, 63 year old Li Zhiquan was a little dizzy. As usual, he went to the village clinic 50 meters away to measure his blood pressure

the examination results were quickly uploaded to Li Zhiquan's personal health monitoring files and the township hospital system through the terminal all-in-one machine. Two hours later, Li Zhiquan had a comprehensive physical examination booked through the data platform of the village clinic. More than that, in fact, when he went to the township clinic, the doctors in the township hospital had already carried out a week-long comparative analysis of his blood pressure through the measurement data received that morning

ten years ago, this scene was a beautiful idea for the digitalization of the future society in textbooks; Ten years later, in a rural area in northern China, the dream is becoming a reality

sample Tangshan

lizhiquan is an ordinary villager in xiaochahe village, Fengnan District, Tangshan, Hebei Province. Unlike those villagers who are a little mysterious and afraid of the new equipment in the village clinic, he insists on taking blood pressure for free every day, and checking his blood pressure has become a part of his life now

in February 2009, Tangshan officially launched the action of healthy Tangshan and happy people. In addition to the construction of healthy cities in the city, xiaochahe village has further become a sample of the construction of digital healthy communities. Li Zhiquan and his villagers have become the first batch of centralized experience and beneficiaries of Healthy Cities

at the recent phased summary meeting, Vice Minister of health Yin Li highly affirmed Tangshan healthy city. The evaluation from the public health sector pays more attention to the fact that this industry initiative derived from health security, after returning to the government's leadership and promotion, has finally found the right idea for the healthy development of cities and the root of the improvement of happiness index

the concept of healthy city was formed in the 1980s. It is an action strategy advocated by the World Health Organization (who) to face the challenges brought by urbanization to human health in the 21st century

the data shows that up to now, the awareness rate of people's health knowledge in Tangshan has reached 70%, and the formation rate of healthy behaviors has reached 60%. The city has built 30 community health service centers and 100 community health service stations, formed a 15 minute service circle for urban and rural residents to seek medical treatment, and completed a county, a cultural square, a township and a cultural station at the same time. In 2009, 55million yuan was invested in physical examination for 924000 urban and rural residents, 913000 health records were established, 910000 health plans were formulated, and 213800 chronic patients found in physical examination were timely and effectively intervened

Liu Qian, Vice Minister of the Ministry of health, also publicly suggested that all regions should include the health status of residents in the region in the government performance assessment. In fact, Beijing, Tangshan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Changchun, Nanning and other cities have successively carried out healthy city construction activities

digital dream

Liu Jiren entered Tangshan at this time

as the chairman of Neusoft group, Liu Jiren is currently the largest provider of medical IT solutions in China. When I saw many people with all kinds of sensors collecting information and guiding their lives in Munich, Germany and the central garden of New York, I knew that we should no longer waste resources and integrate these information to play their due role. Liu Jiren said in an interview with China business news

in terms of the current social reality of medical demand and supply, Tangshan Municipal government and Neusoft have found a point of convergence. The impact of government investment on the final test results is always limited. In addition to pure financial resources, some changes can be achieved by technological upgrading

in the United States, medical expenditure has now accounted for 17% of GDP, which is still far from covering all the population; China's figure is now maintained at around 5%, but the problem is that we still have a population more than three times that of the United States. How much financial resources can we have to support this huge expenditure in the future

on the other hand, the development of IOT technology and sensing technology has made it easier to do things that were difficult in the past

more importantly, in the new round of deepening medical reform plan, the state has listed the construction of health informatization as one of the important supports for the reform of the medical and health system

learned that Neusoft plans to establish a large platform in Tangshan, which is basically defined as the realization of personal health monitoring, information sharing between hospitals and information construction between health service systems, whether it is the research reports issued by third-party research institutions or consumer complaints

for the construction prospect of this platform, Liu Jiren's description is that it can not only monitor personal body information, but also avoid the waste of resources of repeated inspection between cracks and other shortcomings of parts after hospital heat treatment. More importantly, it is necessary to establish a regional resident health data file and help relevant departments reasonably allocate resources. The implementation of its "demonstration implementation plan for the utilization of bio based material products" is convenient for scientific decision-making

up to now, Tangshan has installed Neusoft's all-in-one machine in 100 administrative villages of the first phase project. This terminal instrument, which integrates various daily health examinations, realizes physical examination, health consultation and further data transmission through the internal huge database and sensors. For example, if someone finds that the blood pressure is high, the terminal will not only display the value of the recent comparison, Personalized suggestions will also be given according to his age and other physical conditions, and the later health advice is often the best at this time. Liu Jiren told

it is noted that with the help of through digitalization, staff can switch and observe the analysis of the health status of residents in various districts and counties at any time. For example, display the people with abnormal hypertension and abnormal low pressure today on the page, and form monthly, quarterly and annual residents' health records, as well as disease spectrum analysis

at present, Neusoft is promoting the construction process of digital healthy cities in Hainan, Anshan, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and other places. There are about 600 remote county-level hospitals, which connect several large cities, such as the third class hospitals in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, the color Doppler ultrasound done by Inner Mongolia Hospital in the morning, and the experts in Shanghai will give their comments in the afternoon

instead of building larger hospitals and investing more doctors to solve existing medical problems, we should integrate existing resources to save resources and tilt high-quality resources to underdeveloped areas as much as possible, which we feel very proud of. Liu Jiren said

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