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Introduction to the achievements of medical anti bacteria packaging paper: This product is developed at the request of Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. for the outer packaging of its "Bondi" band aid and other products. This achievement can also be used in other paper packaging with bacterial barrier requirements in the medical and health industry, and the market prospect is broad

its characteristics are described as follows:

1. Medical antibacterial packaging paper is different from ordinary medical packaging paper. In addition to the general characteristics of packaging paper, the remaining plates also require good sealing performance for continuous rolling. It requires that it can isolate bacteria without affecting the penetration of ethylene oxide gas through the packaging paper to disinfect its packaged products. Therefore, the control of air permeability index is the key technology of this project. After determining the best production process conditions and improving the in-machine micro coating device to keep the paper low air permeability (≤ 115ml/min), we made three batches of pilot test paper samples and sent them to Johnson & Johnson headquarters for bacteria isolation test. The test conclusion shows that "Jiangnan paper mill medical anti bacteria packaging paper is a usable anti bacteria packaging material" (Jinan testing machine factory durometer calibration. This conclusion is seen in the test report of Johnson & Johnson disinfection technology center of the United States); At the same time, it passed the sterilization and aging test of ethylene oxide of Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. All quality indicators are at the domestic leading level

2. By drawing a normal dispersion diagram and calculating the process capability index neutral sizing (AKD), the history of acid papermaking has been changed. The medical anti bacteria packaging paper made under neutral conditions has high strength, and the paper should not age and turn yellow

3. Without any reinforcing agent, the strength can meet the index requirements of 5000/3000m (longitudinal/transverse). The consumption of chemical raw materials is reduced, the cost is reduced, and the environment is protected

4. According to the requirements of Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. for coloring the paper to make it light blue and non-toxic, select the appropriate special dyes. It makes the appearance different from other medical packaging paper, with soft color and affinity. These models are the first choice for plastic mechanical property inspection, easy to accept, and long service life

5. Degradable, recyclable, environmental friendly and renewable

application prospects: at present, domestic medical and health products packaging enterprises are still some small-scale private and private enterprises, and their total annual consumption of medical packaging paper is expected to reach 5000 tons. At the same time, with the development of market economy, foreign well-known enterprises such as Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's top 500 companies, have entered Shanghai, and the domestic medical packaging paper market is in short supply. At present, the domestic medical packaging paper market is mixed, and only a few enterprises producing medical packaging paper have been truly recognized by the authority. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, a large number of disposable gloves, disposable scalpels, gauze, disposable infusion sets, syringes, disposable urinary catheters and other disposable products, as well as the inner and outer packaging of products such as band aids, are widely used in medical packaging paper. Medical packaging paper has the trend of gradually replacing plastic packaging, and its share in the packaging market will be further improved

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