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With the continuous improvement of life, high-tech beauty has become a trend and trend. The application of modern laser technology in the treatment field of cosmetic dermatology is a breakthrough development in the field of dermatology in China in recent years. PVC, that is, Pvc-1. In a short period of about ten years, laser technology has formed a relatively complete theoretical system and clinical practice, and has become one of the main treatment means of cosmetic dermatology. With the continuous maturity of laser beauty instrument technology, its demand increases rapidly, leading to the popularization and development of application

according to the data released by the prospective industry research institute, the market scale of laser beauty instruments reached 1.54 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 11.59% over the previous year, and the growth rate slowed down compared with the previous year; According to the current market demand and recognition of laser beauty instruments, it is predicted that the market scale of the industry will reach 1.82 billion yuan in 2017, achieving a growth rate of more than 15% over the previous year

market scale of China's laser beauty instruments in

source: the total profit of China's laser beauty instruments industry in

was increasing, with fluctuating growth, but the overall profit was more than 10%. In 2013, the total profit of China's laser beauty instruments was 485million yuan, an increase of 34.43% over the previous year. The copper alloy functional new material produced by Guoliang copper was awarded the certificate of "Guinness in the world (copper alloy conductivity in China)", which was the year with the highest growth rate of total profit in recent years. The growth rate slowed down in the following two years, but it was still above 10%. By 2016, the total profit of China's laser beauty instrument industry was 642million yuan, an increase of 27.83% over the previous year. With the improvement of the technical level of laser beauty instruments and the standardized development of the industry, the overall profit of the industry will continue to increase

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source: forward looking Industry Research Institute collates

prediction of the development trend of China's laser beauty instrument industry

with the continuous growth of downstream demand for medical beauty and other products in China, the sales of positive products such as laser beauty instruments will also expand rapidly, and the industry will surely attract more investors. At present, some leading enterprises have formed in the industry, and the competition is not sufficient; Compared with the 9000 beauty institutions in the downstream, the laser beauty instrument manufacturers in China are far from enough, and the market competition will be more intense

China's laser beauty instrument industry is currently in a period of rapid growth in market development. It is also an emerging service industry with low investment, low entry threshold and an absolute proportion of private capital. As the beauty industry has attracted more and more national attention, the laser beauty instrument market will inevitably be one of the important areas for the country to start and stimulate private investment in the next step. As a new beauty instrument industry from the laser project and beauty instrument industry, the depth and added value of its services have great room for expansion and imagination

with the continuous growth of consumption level and the increasing degree of social civilization, beauty awareness is becoming more and more clear. Correspondingly, the market scale of household consumption laser beauty instruments will also increase with the issuance price of 6.83 yuan/share

in the future, driven by capital, medical beauty institutions with advanced medical equipment and facilities, experienced management and marketing teams, and good service awareness and service level will stand out in the industry competition. The rise of large private medical beauty hospitals will become an important boost to the development of the medical beauty industry

the prospective industry research institute predicts that the market scale of laser beauty instruments in China will grow at a faster rate in the future. It is conservatively estimated that the industry scale will exceed 6.8 billion yuan in 2023

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source: sorted out by forward-looking Industry Research Institute

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