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Performance analysis of Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center system

under normal circumstances, enterprises have only three options for building call centers: full-service outsourcing, self construction and trusteeship. As a new way, the managed call center of Tianrun RONGTONG has become a hot topic of discussion, and it is generally believed that it has great advantages. Compared with the traditional call center No. 3, enterprise users have such doubts about the Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center: first, the system is managed by the service provider, and the stability of the system as a subversive material center cannot be guaranteed; second, because the customer information is stored in the service provider's system, it shows that the shear capacity of cast iron material is less than the compressive capacity when it is under pressure, and the information security cannot be guaranteed; third I'm worried that the call quality can't be guaranteed

these doubts are reasonable. In fact, the managed call center enterprises of Tianrun RONGTONG have very high requirements for system stability. The system uses two-way power supply, the line can achieve triple backup, and the system stability is required to reach 99.97%, that is, the system may have problems in only about 10 hours a year. Measure the impact absorption energy and impact toughness of metal material samples, However, the system of general enterprises can only reach 97%, which means that the system cannot be used for 10 days in a year. The custody service provider of Tianrun financing also provides 7x24 hours of professional operation and maintenance to effectively control the stable performance of the system

in terms of information storage, enterprises can choose standard storage, that is, data is stored on the server of the service provider, and can enjoy a carrier level system security guarantee system. At the same time, Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center also provides the service of local storage of enterprise information. The relevant data information of the enterprise will be stored in its own local server. The Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center system only stores call information, not user information, so that information security is fully guaranteed

in terms of call quality, Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center system adopts the combination of interconnected communication and traditional communication. Voice communication adopts the traditional circuit switching network, and data exchange adopts the interconnection, effectively ensuring the call quality. In addition, Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center can increase or decrease seats freely and can be upgraded continuously, which is unmatched by ordinary hardware call centers. Enterprises do not need to worry about the waste of equipment resources caused by increasing or decreasing seats with the business needs, nor do they need to worry about rebuilding the system due to compatibility problems during capacity expansion

Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center is a new use mode in China's call center market. The development momentum of enterprises is very strong, and the business growth of manufacturers providing managed services has reached more than 100%. In terms of market competition, Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center will share the market share of integrated manufacturers. Relying on its low-cost, maintenance free, simple operation, high stability, high reliability and flexible custody service mode, Tianrun RONGTONG managed call center will drive the rapid development of China's call center market

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